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Recessed Lighting – Form & Function

Decorating with Recessed Lights Recessed lights are an exciting addition to your home design, offering style, versatility, and usefulness. For even more versatility, install dimmers in your recessed lights. Your SESCOS electrician can advise you on the purchase, placement, and installation of recessed lights that will brighten your home and make it easy to work, … Continued

Time to Upgrade Garage Lighting

Upgrade Your Outbuilding Lights Are you tired of wandering around in a dark garage or carport? Maybe you’re worried about walking from your house to your shed at night. With winter on the way, now is the perfect time to give your outdoor buildings a lighting facelift. And with SESCOS experts standing by, your new … Continued

Gas vs Electric Appliances

Should You Go with Gas or Electric? What’s a better choice, gas or electric? If you’re redesigning your home or shopping for a new home, what type of appliance hookup is best? You might not always have a choice. But if you do, or if you’re open to converting your fuel source, a renovation project … Continued

5 keys to Understanding Home Lighting

What You Need to Know About Home Lighting Is it time to upgrade your home’s indoor lighting? If it’s been a little while since the last time you did, you might find yourself pleasantly surprised at the options out there. In this post, we’ll help you sort out what you need to know before you … Continued

Hiring Outdoor Lighting Contractors

Hiring an Outdoor Lighting Contractor Outdoor lighting will let you continue enjoying your patio, porch, and backyard even after the sun goes down. An outdoor lighting system is a great investment in your home. It will add to its security, enhance its beauty and value, and offer you years of enjoyment. If you’ve decided to … Continued

Energy Audits for Homes

Why You Need a Home Energy Audit Does your home need a checkup? Just like your annual doctor’s visit helps you stay healthy, a home energy checkup can save you time and trouble when it comes to your energy costs. The U.S. Department of Energy has found that homeowners can lower their utility bills by … Continued

Do Attic Fans Lower Energy Costs?

Attic Fans and Energy Costs Summer may be ending, but there are still many warm, humid days ahead. Do yourself and your energy bill a favor by installing an attic fan that will lower the temperature and lower your energy bills. What is an Attic Fan? Many people confuse attic fans with whole-house fans but … Continued

Electrician for Hot Water Heater Installation

Installing a Hot Water Heater Is it time to replace that hot water heater? If your heater has outlived its warranty, is acting tired or if you’re interested in a new, energy-saving option, it might be time to trade it in for a new model. When you do, trust SESCOS to install it for you … Continued

4 Things to Know Before Buying a Car Charging Station

At-Home Charger for Your Electric Car If you’re in the market for an electric or hybrid car, you’ll need a home EV charging station. What should you look for when you buy one? Check out our five-point guide to choosing the right one, and call SESCOS for expert installation and maintenance of your charging station. … Continued

What is PIR Lighting?

Is PIR Lighting Right or You? Passive infrared (PIR) sensors are a great addition to your security system that will also save you time and money. Interested in a PIR sensor? Call a SESCOS electrician and get one expertly installed. What is PIR? You’re probably familiar with PIR sensors already. Sometimes they’re called “pyroelectric” or … Continued

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