Commercial Electricians at SESCOS in Leesburg VA

Becoming a Master Electrician in Virginia

Becoming an Electrician in Virginia There’s a reason that SESCOS electricians are among the best in their field. They’ve gone through a rigorous program of training and education that has equipped them to handle any residential or commercial electrical job with skill, speed, and safety. Training and Education State licensing is required to legally work … Continued

About Electricity: What is a Ballast

Better Lighting With Ballasts If you look at the back of a fluorescent or neon lamp, you’ll see a fixture attached to it called a ballast. You may not have given ballasts much thought, but they’re a necessary part of certain lighting systems that could be all over your house or your commercial property. When … Continued

Using Decora Dimmers

Discover Decora We are proud to offer a full line of Decora products that are ready to be installed in your home and bring you a whole new level of enjoyable smart automation. Decora is the premiere line of Leviton lighting products that are designed with today’s home in mind. The Decora offers a design friendly … Continued

Under Cabinet Lighting

Installing Under-Cabinet Lights If you’re tired of straining your eyes to do focused, hands-on work, consider installing under-cabinet lights. Under-cabinet lighting can be installed in one day and will bring you years of convenience and enjoyment. Most people who have them installed say they don’t know how they ever did without them. Check out the … Continued

Wiring for Home Gym

Get Powered Up in Your Home Gym A home gym is a great investment in your health and happiness. You can get a run, a walk or a full workout whenever you have some spare time, without worrying about the bad weather, driving to the gym or getting to an exercise class on time. With … Continued

Car Charging Station at Commercial Locations

Boost Business Adding an electric vehicle (EV) charger can be a great addition to your business. Finding the right one will bring you new customers and enhance your customers’ experience when they’re at your hotel, restaurant, retail store or other commercial establishments.  In this post, we will touch on some of the trends, benefits, and … Continued

All About Flood Lights

Flood Lighting for Safety Floodlighting will allow you to enjoy your backyard late in the day.It’s also an added security element that will make your home or retail space safer. If you’re considering installing floodlights, you have many options available. A SESCOS electrician can help you select the type of lighting system that will give … Continued

Insulation for Outlets

Insulating Outlets and Fixtures You probably know how important it is to insulate your home and to keep doors and windows tightly sealed. Those steps are key to keeping your house at the temperature you want, but you might be overlooking the loss of energy through your electrical boxes, fixtures, and outlets. Those outlets let … Continued

Electrical Power Preparedness

Be Prepared for Winter’s Worst Winter hasn’t left our region yet, and we still have weeks or months left to expect snowstorms and other weather events. We may not be subject to wildfires, volcanoes or tornados, but even in the best of weather conditions, power outages still happen in Loudoun County several times a year. … Continued

Wiring for Greenhouses

Get Growing with a Greenhouse It’s every gardener’s dream: a wonderful greenhouse that lets you extend the growing season long into winter, and enjoy fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers all year long. If you’re thinking about adding one to your yard, ask SESCOS about providing the power you’ll need to keep your greenhouse growing. Elements … Continued

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