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Do Attic Fans Lower Energy Costs?

Attic Fans and Energy Costs Summer may be ending, but there are still many warm, humid days ahead. Do yourself and your energy bill a favor by installing an attic fan that will lower the temperature and lower your energy bills. What is an Attic Fan? Many people confuse attic fans with whole-house fans but … Continued

Electrician for Hot Water Heater Installation

Installing a Hot Water Heater Is it time to replace that hot water heater? If your heater has outlived its warranty, is acting tired or if you’re interested in a new, energy-saving option, it might be time to trade it in for a new model. When you do, trust SESCOS to install it for you … Continued

4 Things to Know Before Buying a Car Charging Station

At-Home Charger for Your Electric Car If you’re in the market for an electric or hybrid car, you’ll need a home EV charging station. What should you look for when you buy one? Check out our five-point guide to choosing the right one, and call SESCOS for expert installation and maintenance of your charging station. … Continued

What is PIR Lighting?

Is PIR Lighting Right or You? Passive infrared (PIR) sensors are a great addition to your security system that will also save you time and money. Interested in a PIR sensor? Call a SESCOS electrician and get one expertly installed. What is PIR? You’re probably familiar with PIR sensors already. Sometimes they’re called “pyroelectric” or … Continued

5 Home Electrical Repairs

Common Electrical Problems Some of the most common electrical problems might seem simple and straightforward, but for safety’s sake, the best bet is always to call a licensed SESCOS electrician to fix them. Don’t take chances by attempting to fix them yourself. Smoke Detectors Is it time to change them out? The National Fire and … Continued

Partnering with Commercial Electricians

Commercial Electrical Contractor A SESCOS commercial electrician can be a business partner who helps your business thrive, preserves your tenants’ and workers’ safety, and saves you money. Read on for five reasons to choose the right commercial electrical contractor. 1. HVAC Wiring Inspection What condition is your HVAC system in? One of the biggest ways businesses … Continued

Outdoor Landscape Lighting

Lighting for Landscape Design Who says gardens are only for the daytime? Many homeowners are finding ways to enhance their homes’ beauty and enjoy their outdoor spaces at night. With the right lighting, you can stroll, swim, dine or host parties outdoors, any time of day or night. When designing your outdoor lighting scheme, remember … Continued

Why does my GFI outlet keep tripping?

GFCIs and False Tripping At SESCOS, we know that a small electrical problem can become a big headache if it isn’t fixed correctly, and in this post we’ll take a look at a common electrical problem to discover why your GFCI keeps tripping and what you can do about it. What is it? The GFCI … Continued

Do I need a special Fixture for LED Lighting?

New Bulbs, New Fixtures? Switching to energy-saving LED bulbs is easier than ever and in most cases, you don’t need new fixtures. Read on for some pointers on when you can retrofit and when you can’t. Back to Bases Modern LED bulbs come in a variety of bases that will fit many of the light … Continued

5 Tips Hiring Electrical Contractors

Hiring Electrical Contractors in Virginia If you’re looking to build an addition, wire an outbuilding, or add a hot tub to your outdoor plans, you need a reliable electrical contractor in Virginia, so read on for the five top things you should look for and learn why SESCOS was voted Leesburg’s best electrical contractor.   1. … Continued

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