SESCOS Town Leesburg Business Award 2017 - Best Electrician

Leesburg VA Best Electrician Award 2017

SESCOS Best Electrician Award The Leesburg Town Council and Leesburg Economic Development Commission announced the16th Annual Leesburg Business Awards Ceremony on May 17th. Southern Electric (SESCOS) received recognition as Leesburg’s best Electrician. We are proud of our corporate heritage and our support of the continued economic growth here in Leesburg and greater Loudoun County.  Established … Continued

Ceiling Fan Care Tips

Ceiling Fan Maintenance Tips A ceiling fan makes your home comfortable and saves you money, and like any appliance, it needs regular maintenance to work at peak efficiency. Check out these tips for keeping your fan turnings, your electric bills low.   1. Wobble World Is your fan wobbling or squeaking? If so, it could … Continued

Ideas for Home Automation Installation

Why Automate? Automation can help you control everything in your home home at the touch of a button. There are lots of good reasons to update your home with smart technologies. You’ll save money. Energy efficiency is a no-brainer. Your home will be more comfortable, secure and easy to manage. Homebuyers are looking for smart … Continued

Electrical Wiring Hook-up for RV’s

How to Hook Up an RV You’ve got that nice, comfortable RV sitting on your driveway or in your garage, and maybe you’re thinking: That would be a great place for visiting friends and relatives to stay. My friend who needs a place to live could move in there. The RV could create extra living … Continued

LED Retrofitting & New Construction

Property Management and LEDs If you’re a landlord or a property manager, one of your chief concerns is keeping energy costs as low as possible, while ensuring your tenants’ comfort and safety. How do you combine the two? LEDS are the Answer The easiest way is with LED lighting. Long-lasting LED lights will give you … Continued

Home Generator Tune-up

Time for a Generator Tune-Up If your house came with a standby generator, that’s a great addition for your family’s safety and your peace of mind. But that handy generator may not have come with a service or maintenance contract. To ensure that your generator is operating safely, and that it will be there when … Continued

How Does GFCI Receptacle Work

Update GFCI Outlet Even if you know nothing about electricity, you’re probably familiar with the black and red buttons on your ground-fault circuit interruptor (GFCI) outlets. Without GFCI outlets, you could be in for more than one shocking surprise in your home. But there are good reasons to consider calling a SESCOS electrician to replace … Continued

Electric Power for Sheds, Stalls and Barns

Wiring an Out Building Is it time to run some wiring to that outdoor shed, barn or garage? Before you do, call a SESCOS electrician to make sure your wiring is right and your project is up to code.   1. Baby, It’s Cold Outside It’s cold and it’s dark. It’s the dead of Winter … Continued

Save with Sensors

Get SmarT with Sensors Energy management is a hot topic for homes and businesses, and when it comes to cost savings, one idea you may have overlooked is an occupancy sensor. Read on to find out how these “smart” sensors can help you be smarter about saving energy and money.   1. Who Left the … Continued

Choosing the right Ceiling Fan

Your Ceiling Fan A ceiling fan doesn’t just look good. It’s a great way to save money and energy, not just in warm weather but also, with proper seasonal rotation, in the colder months. With a ceiling fan you can have energy savings, lighting and a style statement all in one.   Choose the Right Fan … Continued

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