Location Considerations for Whole-home Generator

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Generator Location Considerations

A whole-home back-up generator is an important investment for homeowners who want to ensure that they have power during an outage. But before installing a generator, it’s important to carefully consider where to position it outside of the home. Here are some considerations for locating a whole-home backup generator.

Distance from the Home

The first consideration is the distance from the home. A generator should be placed at least 5 feet away from any openings to the home, such as windows, doors, or vents. This is to prevent exhaust fumes from entering the home, which can be dangerous or even deadly.


The generator should be placed in a location that is easily accessible for maintenance and repair. This includes being able to easily access the oil and air filters, spark plugs, and battery. A location that is too difficult to access could result in the generator not being maintained properly, which could cause it to fail when it is needed most.


The generator must be placed in a location that has adequate ventilation. This is important to prevent carbon monoxide from building up and becoming a hazard. The generator should be placed in an area that has plenty of airflow and is not enclosed by walls or other structures.


The generator should be placed on a level surface that is well-drained and not prone to flooding. It should also be grounded properly to prevent electrocution or other electrical hazards.

Sound Levels

Generators can be noisy, so it’s important to consider the noise level when choosing a location. The generator should be placed in a location that is not near a bedroom or other area where the noise could be disruptive.

Local Regulations

Finally, it’s important to check local regulations before installing a generator. Some areas may have specific requirements for generator placement, such as setbacks from property lines or noise restrictions.  The team at SESCOS can help!

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Choosing the right location for a whole-home backup generator is crucial to ensure that it operates safely and effectively. The location should be at least 5 feet away from the home, easily accessible for maintenance, well-ventilated, grounded properly, not too noisy, and compliant with local regulations.

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