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Image of Pendant light fixture installation by SESCOS in Leesburg VA

Hang Up Your Style with Pendant Lighting

Recessed lights are a great option if you want a sleek, understated look for your lighting, but pendant lights give you the opportunity to really show off your style. Whether you choose a simple hanging pendant with an Edison bulb or an elaborate chandelier, a pendant light makes a striking statement in any room.

Decorating with Pendant Lighting

Pendant lights have come back into style, especially in kitchens with the growing popularity of kitchen islands. These large pieces demand bold lighting that doesn’t get washed out. Pendant lights also look great over a dining table, where they can cast a warm, subtle glow that gives the room coziness.

Pendant lights give a room a different feeling than recessed lights or standing lamps do. With pendant lights, you’re calling attention to the light fixture as part of your overall design. The light takes center stage and becomes the main source of light for the room.

A pendant lamp can also work in conjunction with your recessed lighting and accent lighting to create a unified scheme. Installing a bulb with a dimmer makes your pendant light more versatile.

Hang Up Some Fun

Pendant lights come in a wide variety of colors and styles. You can find one that lets you express your creativity and add some drama to your decorating.

  • Hang two or three pendant lights in your kitchen to replace ugly, unflattering fluorescent lighting.
  • Glass pendants in bright colors add a playful look to your ceilings.
  • Lantern-style pendants give a rustic feeling on a ceiling with wooden beams.
  • Hang a collection of Edison bulbs for an eye-catching display with an industrial edge.
  • Use a sparkling chandelier to dress up your bathroom or walk-in closet.

Upgrading Your Pendant Lights

Get the most out of your pendant lights by upgrading them with features that add convenience and savings.

LED bulbs. All lighting fixtures can be upgraded with LED bulbs. LEDs save you money and energy. They’re ideal for most lighting fixtures because their cool temperatures don’t damage paintings, antique fabrics or fine artwork. Use colored LEDs to create special effects with your pendant lights and other fixtures.

Smart home automation. Automate your home’s lighting with a smart home system that lets you control the lights, dimming and bulb colors. You can do it all with the touch of a button from a wall unit or your smartphone. SESCO has smart home systems from the most basic to the most advanced. We’ll install them and show you all the ways they can make your life easier.


SESCOS is ready to help you get the lighting solutions that will make your home brighten up for the winter.

  • We provide sales and service on a wide variety of lighting fixtures.
  • Count on our technicians for expert installation.
  • Get smart home solutions that work for you.
  • Get help with all your lighting, power and electrical needs.

If you’re looking for a way to add modern, stylish touches to your lighting design, check out all the great styles available in pendant lighting. Call SESCOS and get your lights safely and expertly installed.

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