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Wiring for Hydroponics

SESCOS Can Help You Get Growing Hydroponic farming has seen rising popularity in recent years, as more people choose to grow their own fruits and vegetables year-round. It’s also a good way for farmers to get more produce to the market without worrying about soil or weather conditions. Recent laws granting the green light to … Continued

Top Ceiling Fan Installation Issues

Five Common Ceiling Fan Problems Installing a ceiling fan is not complicated, but you may start noticing problems after you’ve put it up. Following is a list of common ceiling fan issues. Depending on how comfortable you are working with electricity, you might be able to fix them yourself. If you want to ensure a … Continued

What do the Colored Wires in Outlet Indicate?

What Do Colors of Electrical Wires Stand For? You open up the circuit panel or the back of an appliance and you’re looking at a tangle of colored wires that don’t seem to be in any order. If you know what each color stands for, you can make sense of that seeming mess. Here’s how … Continued

Teaching Kids About Electrical Safety & Conservation

Teach your Children well Electrical dangers are no joke, and it’s never too soon to teach children how to be safe around electricity. While you’re at it, take this opportunity to teach your children how to conserve energy. Learn ways to make conservation a family adventure that lets your kids become planet-saving superheroes. Start with … Continued

Change is Blowing in the Wind – Ceiling Fan Circulation

Here’s Why You Need to Rotate Your Ceiling Fans You know that it’s important to regularly rotate your tires, but did you know that your ceiling fans need regular rotation, too? Read on to learn how this simple trick can keep your home feeling comfortable all year and save you a lot of money. Why … Continued

Energy Loss Costs More than Comfort

Six Ways to Audit Your Home’s Energy Yourself With winter settling in to stay for a while, you’re probably glad to turn on the heat and get your house cozy. At the same time, there’s no sense overpaying for electricity that’s just being wasted. Don’t lose money because of poor ventilation, old insulation or phantom … Continued

Pendant Lighting Installers Near Me

Hang Up Your Style with Pendant Lighting Recessed lights are a great option if you want a sleek, understated look for your lighting, but pendant lights give you the opportunity to really show off your style. Whether you choose a simple hanging pendant with an Edison bulb or an elaborate chandelier, a pendant light makes … Continued

Why Does Smoke Detector Keep Chirping?

Five Reasons Your Smoke Alarms are Chirping Your fire alarms keep chirping at odd, random times and it’s starting to becoming irritating. It could also have you worried. Is the alarm not functioning, is it on its last legs, does it need to be replaced? Read on to learn the various reasons that an alarm … Continued

Wiring for Chicken Coop

Power to the Chickens? A chicken coop is a staple of every self-respecting farm, but chicken coops have also become popular in suburban and city homes. Having a chicken coop is part of the movement for local food as well as a way to produce truly farm-to-table meals right from your own backyard. Some people … Continued

Smart Lighting Control

Five Tips for Smart Lighting Would you like to have total control of your home or office lighting? Imagine being able to turn everything off and on, change the colors and dim the lights even if you don’t have a dimmer. Now imagine doing that by using a hub like Alexa, Google Assistant or Nest. … Continued

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