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Perfect Applications for Surface Mount Wiring

Is Surface-Mounted Wiring Right for Your Project? If you want to add wires or upgrade your appliances but don’t want to tear into walls, surface wiring could be the solution you need. With surface wiring, you can install small appliances, lights, and new outlets directly on your walls and ceilings. Most electrical installations require you … Continued

What is Blue Light and Why Block it?

Is Your Light Making You Blue? Whether you’re working from home or at an office, you’re probably spending a lot of time in front of a computer during your working hours. Worse yet, you probably spend a lot of your off-hours winding down with your smartphone or tablet. All that technology produces high levels of … Continued

Five Tips for Lighting Your Home Office

Ideal Lighting Solutions for Home Office Many of us are spending a lot of time in our home offices these days. For some, working at home has been a familiar setup for years. One of the most important parts of an efficient workspace is the type of lighting you have. Lighting can make or break … Continued

How Long Do Electrical Wires Last in Homes?

The Way We Wired We take electricity for granted, but there was a time it wasn’t everywhere. Here’s a look at early wiring systems and how they became our modern setups. Electricity Was a Luxury In the late 1800s, electricity was a luxury that only the rich could afford. The first American to have his … Continued

Commercial Building Electrical Renovation

Seven Electrical Upgrades for Commercial Buildings Is your commercial building getting along in years? Are you moving your business into an older building? When you’re dealing with electrical wiring, there are some renovations you should consider. Here are seven electrical upgrades that will improve the efficiency and safety of your commercial or industrial space. 1. … Continued

What is the difference between voltage and amperage?

Difference Between Amperage and Voltage? When you’re designing an electrical wiring plan, you need to factor in voltages, amperages, wattages, and more. What do all these terms mean? Are they just different words for the same thing? In this post, we’ll look at two measurement systems you should get to know. Voltage and amperage are … Continued

How do Smoke Detectors Work?

How Do Smoke Alarms Work? You count on your smoke detectors to keep you safe, but have you ever wondered how they work? First, it’s important to know there are two types of smoke detectors: ionization smoke detectors and photoelectric sensors. You can safely use either one, but safety experts recommend using both for total … Continued

What is Electrical Load Testing?

What Is Electrical Load Testing? Have you wondered what the term “electrical load” means? Electrical load refers to the amount of power your home or business uses, and electrical load capacity means the total amount of power going to your home or commercial structure. Why is it important to know these numbers? If you have … Continued

Best Location for Circuit Panel

What’s the Best Location for a Circuit Panel? Are you building a new home, outbuilding or addition? If you’re planning to run electricity there, you need a wiring plan. You also need to know where to put your circuit panel. What’s the best spot to place this all-important piece of the wiring puzzle? Put Safety … Continued

What is Wiring Design?

Have a Wiring Design Plan? You Should What electrical needs will your home have in the future? How do you plan for the wiring you’ll need? The best way to get a handle on this is to start with a wiring design plan. What Is a Wiring Design Plan? A wiring design plan lets you … Continued

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