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Adding Electric Power to Existing Masonry Pillars

time to Add Wiring to Your Outdoor Masonry You have beautiful stone walls, pillars, and other stone structures at the entrance of your home or building. Have you thought about adding electricity to them? Adding lights and other features to your stone pillars is a smart idea that will save you time, money, and headaches … Continued

Electrical Updates when Remodeling Your Home

Six Times to Upgrade Wiring When You Renovate Are you planning a home renovation? When you take on a remodeling project, spend some time thinking about the electrical upgrades you might need. If your renovation requires you to open walls or ceilings, you have the perfect opportunity to upgrade your lights, upgrade your light bulbs … Continued

Home Automation Starters – Smart Lighting

Get Smart About Your Home Lighting You keep hearing about smart home automation, and you’re starting to feel like an old, out-of-touch dinosaur for not having smart technology in your house. You’re also a little miffed about the money you’re not saving. If you’re interested in testing the smart home waters, lighting is the best … Continued

Finding the Right Electrical Contractor for New Builds

Choosing an Electrical Contractor The right electrical contractor is essential to any new construction. Is your contractor up to the job? Top Five Considerations Are you starting a building from the ground up? Whether you’re constructing a work shed in your backyard or a multi-level factory plant, you need to hire an electrical contractor. Here’s … Continued

What Lighting is Best for Bathrooms?

Seven Tips for Bathroom Lighting Your bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house. Whether it’s the master bedroom, downstairs powder room or guest bathroom, here are some bright new lighting ideas. 1. Go Bold If you got tired of seeing gray everywhere, you’ll be happy to know that gray tile and … Continued

How to Choose the Right Extension Cord

Choosing the Right Extension Cord Extension cords are handy to have, and there are right and wrong ways to use them. Before you start running them all over your house and garden, make sure you’re using the correct size, amperage, and gauge of the cord. Choose the Right Cord for Each Appliance Extension cords range … Continued

What is Commercial Grade LED Lighting?

What Can LED Lighting Do for Your Commercial Operation? LED bulbs aren’t just for homeowners who want to save money, save energy, and get custom lighting solutions. LED lighting can also transform your commercial or industrial operation. Learn about the typical commercial LED applications and why you need them now. LED Lighting Is Ideal for … Continued

Help Installing Under Cabinet Lighting

Five Things You Should Know About Under Cabinet Lighting Under-cabinet lighting can brighten up even the darkest, dullest kitchen. These lights make it easier to do everything from reading recipes to dicing vegetables without chopping off your fingers. Here’s a guide to choosing and installing these handy, attractive lighting systems. 1. They Eliminate Shadows One … Continued

Summer Storm Preparedness tips from SESCOS

Be Prepared for Summer Power Outages: 5 Tips Storms and power outages are not just a winter event. Blustery winds in April have already knocked power out to more than 60,000 customers in Arlington, Chesapeake, and Virginia Beach. If you want to protect your home this summer, we’ve got some tips to help you weather … Continued

What are the different gauges of electrical wiring?

COVID-19 – The Teams at SESCOS are maintaining best practices as we serve the community’s electrical repair, installation, and maintenance needs- Call for an Electrician! What Do Wire Sizes Gauge Indicate? What do wire gauge sizes correspond to? If you’ve ever looked at those numbers on your wires and wondered what they meant, this guide … Continued

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