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Image of Outdoor Sports Court with LED Ligthing

Wiring for Outdoor Sports Court

Light Up Your Sports Courts Outdoor courts can turn your yard into an exciting entertainment arena. Playing basketball, pickleball, tennis, or other sports on your own court is great, but does the fun end when the sun goes down? Outdoor wiring and the right lights can help you make the most of those long nights. … Continued

What is Electrical Load Testing?

Electrical Load Testing for Commercial Buildings Electrical load testing, also known as electrical load monitoring, is an important part of keeping homes and businesses safe. What is the role of electrical load testing in commercial buildings? Testing your commercial or industrial property will help you keep your property safe, prevent blackouts, save money and ensure … Continued

Is a Surge Protector required for a Whole House Generator?

Surge Protectors for Whole House Generators A power outage can create major problems to avoid those problems, you may have thought about installing a whole house generator. If you do, consider adding a surge protector to control the flow of power into your home. Control the Surge Surge protectors or surge suppressors are a necessity … Continued

Wiring for Ring Doorbell

Is It Time To Get a New Doorbell? A new doorbell system is an easy, affordable way to increase your home security and ensure you never miss a package or a visitor. If your current doorbell system doesn’t have updated technology, it’s time to consider a new doorbell system. Choose Wireless or Wired Systems Should … Continued

Common Home EV Charging Systems

Top 5 EV Charging Stations Owning an electric vehicle (EV) has many advantages. The main one is saving lots of money on fuel expenses. Even if your car is a hybrid, you’re going to slash your gas expenses. It’s important to remember, however, that an EV still needs fuel from a charger to stay on … Continued

Differences Between Commercial and Residential Electricians

Commercial vs. Residential Electricians When you depend on electricity to keep your business moving, you need to know your wiring is safe to use and properly installed. How do you know if your electrician has the right training and knowledge to handle the job? Here are some differences between residential and commercial electricians. Where Do … Continued

Wonders of Ceiling Fan with Remote

What’s New with Ceiling Fan Remotes You already know ceiling fans can help you lower your energy bills, make your house comfortable and add an attractive decorating element. Today’s ceiling fans, however, do all that and more. With smart remotes, you can get total control of your lights and ceiling fans. Here’s what is new … Continued

About Hard Wired Smoke Detectors

History of Home Smoke Detectors Smoke detectors have saved millions of lives since they became a regular feature in people’s homes. What is the story behind them? Early Days of Smoke Detectors In the days before smoke alarms, people had to be vigilant about putting out fires and candles. Once electricity arrived, however, they had … Continued

Do You Need To Add a Circuit for Your Home EV Charging Station?

About Home EV Charging Station? Hybrid and electric vehicles (EV) continue to rise in popularity. In Virginia, the percentage of EVs among all cars sold has doubled since 2017. If you’re thinking about buying one or already have one, you’re going to need an EV charging station in your home. What’s the best way to … Continued

How Does Whole Home Surge Protection Work?

Whole-Home Surge Protection Sudden power surges can damage your electronics and appliances. They can also wear out your home’s electrical wiring. Damaged wiring is a serious problem that requires extensive, costly rewiring. A whole-house surge protector can prevent the loss of expensive electronics and provide ongoing protection of your wiring. What Causes Power Surges? Many … Continued

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