EV Car Charging Stations

$850 for NEMA 14/50 circuit and receptacle up to 25 ft.  $1,250 for tesla Wall Charging station circuit installed and connected up to 25 ft. (tesla charger not included)

Have you purchased or are you considering purchasing an electric vehicle? SESCOS has the expertise to provide the electric car charging station required for your vehicle. We can provide options for most vehicles from normal charging to fast charging. We can install a charger you provide or we can provide a complete charging system.

Be assured, with 54 years of electrical service, we understand the demands an electric car charging station will put on your existing electrical system. We will evaluate your current system and provide you with a solution that meets all the demands.


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Car Charging Station Installations

Not all-electric cars are created equal, and not all-electric car onboard chargers are created equal. Car charger requirements vary depending on the speed of the desired charging rate. Rapid charging systems require a much higher electrical demand. Slower charging systems have a lower demand, and typically a lower installation cost. Many car manufacturers do not supply an external car charging station – they leave it up to the buyer to select the type of car charging station they want.

SESCOS has the expertise to provide options for universal car charging stations to fit your budget. Even if your electric panel is full, we can still accommodate your needs. We offer turnkey installation including drywall repairs if needed. Contact us today for a free estimate. We offer financing upon approval.


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Image of Decora low-profile lighting control switches installed by SESCOS

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