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With a focus on innovation and a legacy of excellence, we ensure all your electrical needs are met with the highest standards.

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Since 1963, Southern Electrical has been the premier provider of electrical services in Northern Virginia, Maryland, and the West Virginia Panhandle, offering comprehensive solutions for Homeowners, Home Builders, Commercial Projects, and Property Managers

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Residential Services

Transform your home into a safe, comfortable, and energy-efficient space with our comprehensive residential electrical services.

  1. Lighting Solutions: Upgrade to efficient LED lighting, smart controls, and beautiful landscape lighting. Transform your home into a safe, comfortable, and energy-efficient space with our comprehensive residential electrical services.
  2. Home Safety: Protect your family with smoke detectors, surge protectors, and security systems.
  3. Energy Management: Opt for high-efficiency generators and car chargers.
  4. Smart Home Integration: Automate your home for convenience and control.
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Home Renovations

Whether upgrading your home or revamping your space, our electrical renovation services ensure everything is perfectly tailored to your needs.

  1. Comprehensive Electrical Overhauls
  2. Custom Lighting Design
  3. System Upgrades and Smart Integration
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Electrical Services for Home Builders

We provide specialized electrical services for new home constructions, ensuring every build is powered effectively and efficiently.

  1. Full Home Wiring Installation
  2. Smart Home Systems
  3. Energy Efficient Solutions
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Commercial Electrical Solutions

Whether you’re launching a new construction project or upgrading an existing commercial space, our electrical services are designed to meet the needs of any business scale and complexity.

  1. New Construction Electrical Planning and Installation: Get expert electrical design and installation tailored to the unique requirements of new commercial constructions.
  2. Commercial Renovations and Upgrades: Upgrade your electrical systems with the latest technology for efficiency and compliance.
  3. Specialized Commercial Installations: From retail spaces to large office buildings, we ensure that your electrical infrastructure supports your business operations effectively.
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Property Management

Ensure your properties are well-maintained and compliant with the latest safety standards with our property management electrical solutions.

  1. Routine Maintenance
  2. Emergency Services
  3. Upgrades and Improvements
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