image of treehouse with outdoor electric wiring for your treehouse

Wiring for Tree Houses

How Do You Wire a Treehouse? Treehouses are all the rage lately, and it’s easy to see why. A home in the treetops can make you feel like you’re truly getting away from your daily, earthbound concerns. Some people build treehouses as playhouses for their children, but they’re also a way for adults to escape … Continued

About UV Lighting

Top 10 Uses for UV Lighting Ultraviolet (UV) lighting is a versatile, useful light source. If you think UV lighting is only for tanning beds, think again. Applications of UV Lighting The development of LED UV light bulbs has led to many practical applications of UV lighting in residential, commercial and industrial settings. Here are … Continued

When to Replace Hard Wired Smoke Alarms

Smoke and CO Detectors: A Seasonal Safety Q&A As we head into a new season, SESCOS wants you to be ready with smoke detectors and carbon monoxide (CO) sensors that are in top working shape. Here’s a quick pop quiz on when, how and why to replace those detectors. These tips work whether you have … Continued

Spot Beam vs Flood Beam Outdoor Lighting

Do You Need Spot Beams, Flood Beams or Both? You’ve just started planning your outdoor lighting setup, but now you’re confused. Do you need spot beams, flood beams or both? Here’s a guide to both types of outdoor lighting and pointers on how to use them. What Is Spot Beam Lighting? A spot beam produces … Continued

What is a Multi-meter?

5 Things You Can Do With a Multimeter A multimeter is a useful tool for every homeowner. It’s a handheld device that can run a quick check of your circuits, components, and devices. This handy gadget can help you take care of many DIY projects around your house. What Can a Multimeter Do for You? … Continued

Common Back-up Power Generator Problems

Top 5 Reasons Your Whole-House Generator Isn’t Working Your whole-house generator is a lifesaver. What happens if your generator fails to come on just when you need it most? That could be a really unpleasant surprise. Here are the top five reasons why your whole-house generator might fail to start and what you can do … Continued

About Outdoor Electrical Wiring

Using Conduits for Outdoor Wiring In earlier posts, we’ve discussed outdoor wiring for several types of buildings including sheds, growing rooms, chicken coops, and patios. In this post, we’re going to look specifically at outdoor conduits and cables. Safety is essential to any outdoor wiring job. Using the right conduits can help keep you safe. … Continued

Thermostat Discipline Can Save

Use Thermostat Discipline to Save Big On Your Bills You’re doing your best to save money on your energy bills. You turn off the lights religiously, you’ve minimized the use of your clothes dryer and you might even be washing dishes by hand. Doing all that, however, misses out on the biggest contributor to your … Continued

Audible Alert GFI for Sump Pumps

Here’s Why You Need Audible GFCIs You know a GFCI outlet is there to protect you, but it can trip at the worst possible times. If you’ve ever had an important appliance get turned off an inconvenient time, a GFCI with an audible alert, also called an audible GFCI, could be the upgrade you need. … Continued

Common Home Inspection Electrical Issues

Common Home Inspection Electrical Issues Home inspections have become a key part of buying and selling a home. Most buyers insist on a home inspection before they sign a contract. If you’re a seller, a home inspection can help you spot potential problems before you list your house for sale. The main purpose of a … Continued

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