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Differences Between Residential & Commercial Electricians

Commercial vs Residential Electricians As you know, the teams at SESCOS are experts at both residential and commercial electrical work. We’re very aware of the differences between them, but are you? If you’ve ever been curious about the differences between residential and commercial wiring, here’s your chance to learn more. Q&A: What’s the Difference?   … Continued

About Track Lighting

Back to the Future with Track Lighting If you’re wondering what happened to track lighting, don’t worry. It’s still around and ready to give your house a dose of retro styling. Track lighting makes sense in certain situations, so get ready for the return of this retro favorite. What Is Track Lighting? Track lighting gets … Continued

Electrical Wiring for Front Gates

Safe and Secure with an Automated Gate Does your commercial property need more security? As a business owner or manager, you’re rightly concerned about who’s going in and out of your property. This is especially true if you regularly deal with a flow of people coming in and out of your warehouse, distribution center or … Continued

What is Single Phase and Three Phase Electric Systems?

It’s Only a Phase! Have you heard the terms single-phase and three-phase when it comes to electrical wiring? If you’ve wondered what they are and how they affect your electrical wiring, wonder no longer. Even if you never wondered, it’s always helpful to understand basic electrical concepts. Here’s a quick primer on the differences between … Continued

Do I need a Permit for a Whole-Home Generator Installation?

What You Need to Know Before You Install a Whole-Home Generator If you’ve decided to take on the winter with a whole-house generator, you’re making a great choice. A powerful generator can get you through any electrical emergency without losing your lights, power, heat, televisions or computers. Are You Ready to Install Your New Generator? … Continued

Why are bulbs on Dimmer Humming?

Why Are the Bulbs On Your Dimmer Humming or Buzzing? You’re settling down to read a book or watch your favorite TV show, and you flick on the dimmer switch to get some cozy ambient lighting. As you do, you hear a distinct humming or buzzing sound. What’s causing those weird noises to come out … Continued

Wiring Radiant Heat Panels

All About Radiant Heat Panels Radiant heat panels can bring warmth to chilly basement rooms, additions and other areas that need a little extra heat. If you’re thinking about installing some, proper installation and wiring are critical. What Are Radiant Heat Panels? They are systems you mount on the wall or ceilings to add heat … Continued

How to fix an Unbalanced Ceiling Fan?

Five Tips for Wobbly Ceiling Fans Ceiling fans are a great addition to any room. They add ventilation, add tons of style and can slash your energy bills. Ceiling fans aren’t just for the summer. Rotate them in the winter to keep rooms toasty without sending your heating bills sky-high. If you’re in the mood … Continued

Types of Smoke Detectors

What Type of Smoke Detectors Do You Need? Is it time to replace your smoke detectors? If they’re old or outdated, they’re a safety risk. Old, failing smoke detectors cause thousands of preventable fires every year. A new smoke detector can save your life. This is a great time to buy new smoke detectors and … Continued

What Causes Power Surges at Home?

What Causes Power Surges in Your Home? A sudden power surge can leave your electronics and appliances fried. You might think you know about power surges. You may even plan to buy power surge protection. That’s a great idea, especially during our whole-house surge protection special. How much do you really know about these bursts … Continued

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