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How Does a Back-up Power Generator Work?

How Does a Standby Generator Work? Standby generators, also known as whole-house generators, can keep your home’s lights, appliances, and devices running when you lose power. A standby generator is a pricey item to buy and install, but people who have them say they’re worth every penny. With our current special, now’s the perfect time … Continued

Using LED Bulbs for Color Correction

LED Bulbs for Color Correction Lighting is an important part of your home decorating scheme. Today’s LED bulbs come in a wide variety of colors and temperatures. Here’s how to choose the right ones for your home. What Is Color-Corrected Lighting? As you may know, colors can be classed as cool or warm. The same … Continued

What are Electric Transformers?

What Is a Transformer? You may not think about transformers until one blows out and causes a power outage. Transformers are hardworking elements of the electricity infrastructure. Here’s a brief look at how they work and why they’re important. Who invented the transformer? The transformer was invented in 1884 by Otto Blathy, a Hungarian-born American … Continued

Are Surge Protectors Recommended for Items Relying on Back-up Generators?

Protect Your Home from Generator Surges Generators can be literal lifesavers. They keep your appliances and lights on when the power goes out, and whole-house generators come on automatically when you need them. Here are some tips for using them safely. National Electrical Code In 2020, the National Electrical Code changed its guidelines regarding surge … Continued

Are Smoke Alarms and Carbon Monoxide Detectors Required in Virginia?

Smoke Alarms and Carbon Monoxide Detectors Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are lifesavers. Together, they prevent thousands of deaths every year. That’s why many states, including Virginia, make them part of their residential code requirements. What are the specifics of Virginia law? Here’s what you need to know. Current Law Since 2018, Virginia has … Continued

Are Electric Car Chargers Universal?

Electric Car Charger Compatibility One of the reasons people hesitate to buy an electric car is not knowing if they can find a reliable place to charge it. Luckily, car charging stations are popping up everywhere, and it’s easier than ever to find a fueling station. Can you charge your electric vehicle (EV) at any … Continued

You’re Grounded! How Grounding Keeps You Safe

How Electrical Grounding Keeps Us Safer Grounding is a key part of electrical safety. In the bad old days, people knew electricity could be dangerous, but there were not that many safety guidelines in place. Electricians required a cool head and expert knowledge to do their jobs. They still do, but protective measures are a … Continued

SESCOS Introduces Home Protection Plan

Introducing – Home Protection Plan According to state officials, Virginia has more than 24,000 fires a year that cause more than $8 million in property losses. Failing electrical systems are one of the top five causes of home fires, yet many people avoid getting regular electrical maintenance checks because of the cost. That’s why SESCOS … Continued

Square D Panel Remediation

Contact SESCOS – Square D Panel Remediation RECALL SAFETY NOTICE Risk: Fire Hazard Potential damage from overheating and fire to appliances or other equipment Square D QOTM Plug-On Neutral Load Centers also known as Load Centers, Breaker Boxes, Electric Panels Manufactured February 2020 – January 2022 – Indoor Load Center – Outdoor Load Center.  Within … Continued

5 Reasons to Install a Whole Home Generator

5 Ways a Generator Makes Your Life Better You know a whole house generator can keep your lights, appliances, and important equipment on, but did you know it can make your life easier and more fun? Here are five reasons to buy one today. 1. Drive an Electric Car A recent study by Drive Electric … Continued

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