SESCOS Circuit Board Installation

5 Reasons for Circuit Breaker Repair

Is it Time to Replace That Panel? Is it time to repair or upgrade your electrical panel? If your house is older, you’ve had water leaks or you want to make sure that your home and family are fully protected, call an electrician and ask about an inspection. Check the list below to see if … Continued

Wiring for Water Features

Wiring for a Water Feature A water feature adds beauty, drama and calming sound to any backyard. Whether you install a small fountain to provide water for birds and small wildlife or go all-out with a pond that supports fish, frogs and aquatic plants, you’ll enjoy your water feature all spring and summer long. Keep … Continued

Wiring for a Chandelier

Add Sparkle with Chandeliers Chandeliers add instant elegance to any room. They’re no longer just for ballrooms or soaring, two-story foyers, although they look great in both those classic settings. These days you’ll find chandeliers in bedrooms, living rooms, and even kitchens. Depending on the style you select, you can use a chandelier for an … Continued

What is Color Rendering Index?

What is the Coloring Rendering Index? Color is crucial to your decorating scheme and the way you want your home to look and feel. But if you’re not using the right lights, your colors will look drab and muddy. Look for lighting that gives you true, natural color to make sure everything looks bright and … Continued

Maintenance Tips for Home Generators

Keep that Generator Running Smoothly Did you know power outages are more common during the spring and summer than they are during winter? If you’re counting on your generator, make sure it’s ready to take on everything the weather brings. 1. Start Early The time to worry about your generator’s condition is not when you’re … Continued

What is a Power Inverter?

Do You Need a Power Inverter? An inverter is a device that allows you to collect power from an outside source, which comes in as direct current (DC), and convert it to alternating current (AC), which is what most homes run on. With an inverter, you can collect energy from the sun, wind or source … Continued

Lighting for Artwork

Light Your Artwork the Right Way Beautiful artwork can bring your room to life, but not if your paintings and other artwork are lost in the shadows. Let them take center stage and grab the attention they deserve with the right lighting. When designing your lighting scheme for artwork, think about the type of fixtures … Continued

Reasons to Add Whole House Surge Protection

Do You Need Whole-House Surge Protection? You rely on electricity to get you through every day, from firing up your first cup of coffee to relaxing with your music, television and games in the evening. Losing all of that to a power surge would be more than inconvenient, it could be a total disaster. But … Continued

Wiring for Kitchen Island

Your Kitchen Island Your kitchen is the heart of your home and at its center is your kitchen island. More than additional counter space, a kitchen island is often the landing pad for school projects, small home repairs, bill paying and other household activities. These days, a kitchen island is where you: do your menu … Continued

Becoming a Master Electrician in Virginia

Becoming an Electrician in Virginia There’s a reason that SESCOS electricians are among the best in their field. They’ve gone through a rigorous program of training and education that has equipped them to handle any residential or commercial electrical job with skill, speed, and safety. Training and Education State licensing is required to legally work … Continued

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