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Should You Upgrade Your Commercial Wall Pack Lights?

Are Commercial Wall Pack Lights the Right Fit? Many businesses rely on wall pack lighting to keep their parking lots and other outdoor areas well-lit. If you’ve had your wall pack lights a long time, you may need to upgrade the bulbs. Energy-saving options will help you keep a safe space for your customers and … Continued

LED Tube Lights: Are They a Good Option for You?

Time to Switch to LED Tube Lights? LED tube lights are an excellent alternative to standard fluorescent lights, especially in a commercial or industrial setting. They are ideal for warehouses, garages, production centers, storage areas and fabrication plants. Advantages of LED Tube Lights Like regular LED light bulbs, LED tube lights have many advantages over … Continued

What is a Joule?

Do You Know What a Joule Is? Understanding measurement units like joules is key to understanding how electricity works. While we’re not going to get deep in the weeds on math and physics here, we will offer a brief guide to joules, watts, and volts. Here are the basics. What Is a Joule? Pronounced “jewel,” … Continued

The Solar-Powered Generac PWRcell: How Does It Work?

Generac PWRcell: How Does It Work? The new PWRcell from Generac is a breakthrough in generator technology. It uses solar energy to keep your house running during a power outage or blackout. This flexible generator system is designed to help you save money and reduce your carbon emission levels. What Is a Generac PWRcell System? … Continued

Does Your Business Need Explosion-Proof Outlets?

About Explosion-Proof Outlets If your business deals with hazardous materials, you probably already use explosion-proof power supplies. These fixtures and outlets allow you to get light and power while keeping flammable dust, vapors, and gases from igniting. What Is an Explosion-Proof Outlet? When you work with electricity, many things are potential hazards. One of them … Continued

Recessed Lights on a Vaulted Ceiling

Should You Install Recessed Lights on a Vaulted Ceiling? Vaulted ceilings add elegance and dimension to any room. These slanted ceilings open the room to light and air, and they are the perfect backdrop to artwork. One problem with vaulted ceilings is how to illuminate them. What’s the best way to light them? Can you … Continued

Electricians for Adding Specialty Circuits

Do You Need More Specialty Circuits? Are you finding that turning one appliance on turns off another? Does it seem like your breakers are always tripping? You might need to install specialty circuits to run everything in your house. Here are some areas where you might need a dedicated specialty circuit. What Is a Dedicated … Continued

Electrical Upgrades for a Kitchen Renovation

Electricians for Kitchen Renovation Remodeling an outdated, inefficient kitchen is an exciting project. You can design the kitchen of your dreams, upgrade your appliances and create a space that works for you. When you’re making those remodeling plans, don’t forget to include changes and possible upgrades to your electrical wiring. In today’s homes, kitchens use … Continued

Do LED Bulbs Burnout?

How Long Do LED Bulbs Really Last? You know LED bulbs last a long time, but how realistic are the claims on the bulb box? Many people believe the higher price of these bulbs is worth it because of their long life. Let’s look at how long they last in the real world. What Does … Continued

Wiring for Outdoor Sports Court

Light Up Your Sports Courts Outdoor courts can turn your yard into an exciting entertainment arena. Playing basketball, pickleball, tennis, or other sports on your own court is great, but does the fun end when the sun goes down? Outdoor wiring and the right lights can help you make the most of those long nights. … Continued

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