SESCOS Circuit Board Installation

What Are the Biggest Circuit Culprits?

Circuit Overload Culprits If you have a circuit overload, you’ll know it. You plug something in, and it shuts off at once. Sometimes, plugging in that hairdryer or starting your oven can cause your circuits to overload. Why does this happen, and who are the biggest culprits in a circuit overload? Here’s what you need … Continued

Are USB Outlets Safe for all Devices?

Are USB Outlets Safe? Wall outlets with USB ports are increasingly common in today’s homes. You often see them in public places like airports and coffee shops. You may even have them in your house. How safe are these outlets, and should you have any concerns about using them? Here are the advantages and disadvantages … Continued

Time to Replace Bathroom Vent Fan?

Is It Time to Replace Your Exhaust Fan? Exhaust fans keep humidity and bad smells out of your bathroom and kitchen. If your vent fan isn’t working properly, it may be time to clean it or replace it. Cleaning an Exhaust Fan You can help improve your home’s air quality and improve your energy efficiency … Continued

Wireless LED Lighting?

What Is Wireless Electricity? Wireless electricity makes it possible to get electric power anywhere you need it without worrying about cords or wiring. It is a new area of technology, but it’s advancing steadily. Wireless electricity uses radio or microwave transmissions to send power from a transformer or panel to a device. It is also … Continued

When to Utilize Surface Mount Lighting

Should You Install Surface-Mounted Lights? Surface-mounted lighting is versatile and stylish. It’s a practical solution for many rooms, especially those with low ceilings. A surface-mounted light sits directly on a flat surface. Here’s what you need to know about these classic lighting systems. Types of Surface-Mounted Lights Surface-mounted lights primarily come in the following types. … Continued

Should You Upgrade Your Commercial Wall Pack Lights?

Are Commercial Wall Pack Lights the Right Fit? Many businesses rely on wall pack lighting to keep their parking lots and other outdoor areas well-lit. If you’ve had your wall pack lights a long time, you may need to upgrade the bulbs. Energy-saving options will help you keep a safe space for your customers and … Continued

LED Tube Lights: Are They a Good Option for You?

Time to Switch to LED Tube Lights? LED tube lights are an excellent alternative to standard fluorescent lights, especially in a commercial or industrial setting. They are ideal for warehouses, garages, production centers, storage areas and fabrication plants. Advantages of LED Tube Lights Like regular LED light bulbs, LED tube lights have many advantages over … Continued

What is a Joule?

Do You Know What a Joule Is? Understanding measurement units like joules is key to understanding how electricity works. While we’re not going to get deep in the weeds on math and physics here, we will offer a brief guide to joules, watts, and volts. Here are the basics. What Is a Joule? Pronounced “jewel,” … Continued

The Solar-Powered Generac PWRcell: How Does It Work?

Generac PWRcell: How Does It Work? The new PWRcell from Generac is a breakthrough in generator technology. It uses solar energy to keep your house running during a power outage or blackout. This flexible generator system is designed to help you save money and reduce your carbon emission levels. What Is a Generac PWRcell System? … Continued

Does Your Business Need Explosion-Proof Outlets?

About Explosion-Proof Outlets If your business deals with hazardous materials, you probably already use explosion-proof power supplies. These fixtures and outlets allow you to get light and power while keeping flammable dust, vapors, and gases from igniting. What Is an Explosion-Proof Outlet? When you work with electricity, many things are potential hazards. One of them … Continued

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