Ceiling Fan Size Matters

What Size Ceiling Fan Do You Need?

Finding the Perfect Sized Ceiling Fan Ceiling fans help the air circulate and cut down on your energy costs. They also add an attractive look to any room. It’s important to pick the right size that will deliver the cooling or warming you need in every room. If you want fast, safe installation of your … Continued

Leaders in Home Generator Systems

Top Generators You Should Consider in 2021 Buying a standby generator for your home or business is one of the best investments you can make. When you’re ready to buy your new generator, call SESCOS for expert advice and fast, safe installation. Today’s generators come with advanced features that make them fuel-efficient, quiet, and responsive. … Continued

Benefits of Wall Mounted Fans

About Wall Mounted Fans Wall mounted fans come in a range of sizes and styles. You can find small fans that cool a single room and large fans that keep your factory floor breezy. Here are some good reasons to consider wall-mounted fans as part of your cooling system. Save Space Wall fans don’t take … Continued

5 Things about Rewiring for Kitchen Renovation

Electrical Upgrades for Kitchen Makeovers Are you refurbishing your kitchen? When you’re thinking about new cabinets and flooring, spend some time renovating your electrical system. Here are five fast, easy upgrades you can add to make your kitchen look great and work even better. 1. Add More Outlets Most older kitchens don’t have enough outlets. … Continued

Is Recessed lighting Right for Vaulted Ceilings?

Recessed Lights on Vaulted Ceilings Vaulted ceilings add drama and elegance to any room. What’s the best way to illuminate them? Recessed lighting is one option, but you must use the right type of lights and take extra precautions with the wiring. SESCOS is running a special on recessed lighting installation, so this is the … Continued

Differences Indoor and Outdoor Ceiling Fans

Differences Between Indoor and Outdoor Ceiling Fans The weather’s getting warmer, and that means it’s time to get those fans whirring. If you changed the blade direction in the winter, change it back to a counterclockwise direction for summer. Are you planning to buy fans for your patio or other outdoor areas? SESCOS has a … Continued

Home Lighting Timer Options

Choosing Light Switch Timers Light switch timers can help you save money, conserve energy and enhance your home’s security. Some light switch timers take the place of your regular switches, while others can go on top of your current switches. You have several options when it’s time to choose your timers. Basic Types Most timers … Continued

Wiring for VRF Climate Control System

FAQs About VRF Systems A variable refrigerant flow (VRF) system can help your commercial building save money. These systems can be an excellent solution for commercial office buildings and residential rental units. At SESCOS, we have the knowledge and experience to install and maintain the wiring for these systems. Here some questions our customers frequently … Continued

Time To Rotate Your Ceiling Fans

It’s Time To Rotate Your Ceiling Fans If you’re not rotating your ceiling fans, it’s time to start. If you need ceiling fans repaired, rewired or installed, call SESCOS today. Are Your Ceiling Fans Ready for Summer? Ceiling fans can keep your home comfortable, conserve energy and slash your electric bill. To get all the … Continued

Is it safe to spray foam around electrical outlets?

Spray Foam To Insulate Outlets Spray foam is a handy, easy-to-use insulator, but you can’t just use it everywhere. If you’re thinking about spraying it around your outlets and your electrical box, follow basic safety precautions and use it with care. Insulation will help your home stay at a regular temperature. It can help you … Continued

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