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10 Tips for a Safe Holiday Light Display

Safe Holiday Decorating It wouldn’t be the holiday season without gorgeous light shows twinkling up and down the street. For some of us, driving or walking through the neighborhood admiring the holiday displays has become a yearly tradition. If you’re planning to set up a show of lights that will be the star of the … Continued

Where to Locate Smoke Detectors

Where to Install Smoke Detectors You probably don’t pay much attention to your smoke alarms on a daily basis, but they’re your hardworking, first line of defense. Studies of fire safety have shown that the best protection against fatal, property-damaging fires is installing smoke alarms that work properly. Types of Alarms There are two types … Continued

LED Lighting for Outdoor Steps and Paths

Lighten Up With LEDs You enjoy your deck, patio and other outdoor spaces when the sun’s out. But why limit your fun to the daytime? Add the proper lighting and you can keep the fun going into the late hours. With winter on its way, consider adding outdoor heating as well. You’ll have an outdoor … Continued

What is Phantom Load?

Get Rid of Phantoms and Vampires this Halloween Halloween is a great time to start thinking about phantoms and vampires, but we don’t mean the kind that comes to your doorstep looking for candy. Phantom load is sometimes called a vampire load. Whatever name you call it, it’s the same thing. The term refers to … Continued

Elements of EV Charging Station

Understanding How an EV Charger Works Electric vehicles (EV) continue to gain in popularity. The U.S. government estimates that by the year 2020, there will be one million of these vehicles on the road. If you’re among the many people discovering the fuel efficiency and money savings of driving an EV, you need a reliable … Continued

5 reasons to add a Smart Smoke & CO2 Detector

Five Reasons to Get Smart Detectors Installed Smoke and carbon dioxide detectors can save your life, but only if they’re hooked up and operating properly. Now you can ensure your family’s safety with automated smoke and carbon dioxide detectors that are integrated into your home automation system. SESCOS currently offers a special on sales and … Continued

Adding Color with LED Lighting Systems

Get Colorful with LED Lighting New developments in LED bulbs make them an exciting, easy-to-use option for lighting up your decor and adding stunning backdrops to indoor and outdoor spaces. Many of these systems allow you to control the brightness and color remotely through your home’s smart automation hub. With the holidays coming up, this … Continued

Audible Alerts with GFCI Outlets Make Sense

Benefits of Audible GFCIs If you’ve ever lost power to an appliance and didn’t realize it until the next day, you might end up with a huge mess on your hands. Think about a clothes dryer that stops working, leaving your damp clothing to get mildew. Another bad scenario is realizing too late that your … Continued

When it’s an Electrical Emergency

Common Electrical Emergencies Most electrical problems are minor, but you can find yourself in a situation where you need expert electrical help at night or on a weekend. Serious electrical problems can become deadly and it’s important to identify situations that need immediate help. Rest assured that at SESCOS, we’re available 24 hours a day, … Continued

Integrate Portable Generator to Home Panel

power outage preparedness With large storms approaching folks are in full preparation mode – that means stocking up on water, can goods and of course toilet paper. With the high probability of power outages, you want to ensure your backup power solution is ready to take on the load. No matter what type of generator … Continued

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