Image of LED Color Lighting System - Smart Lighting Installation

Adding Color with LED Lighting Systems

Get Colorful with LED Lighting New developments in LED bulbs make them an exciting, easy-to-use option for lighting up your decor and adding stunning backdrops to indoor and outdoor spaces. Many of these systems allow you to control the brightness and color remotely through your home’s smart automation hub. With the holidays coming up, this … Continued

Audible Alerts with GFCI Outlets Make Sense

Benefits of Audible GFCIs If you’ve ever lost power to an appliance and didn’t realize it until the next day, you might end up with a huge mess on your hands. Think about a clothes dryer that stops working, leaving your damp clothing to get mildew. Another bad scenario is realizing too late that your … Continued

When it’s an Electrical Emergency

Common Electrical Emergencies Most electrical problems are minor, but you can find yourself in a situation where you need expert electrical help at night or on a weekend. Serious electrical problems can become deadly and it’s important to identify situations that need immediate help. Rest assured that at SESCOS, we’re available 24 hours a day, … Continued

Integrate Portable Generator to Home Panel

power outage preparedness With large storms approaching folks are in full preparation mode – that means stocking up on water, can goods and of course toilet paper. With the high probability of power outages, you want to ensure your backup power solution is ready to take on the load. No matter what type of generator … Continued

Adding Power Outlets in Your Home

Adding Electrical Outlets Are you running low on outlets? Are you tired of having to run from room to room, or crawl under the furniture, just to start your curling iron, charge your phone, blend your smoothie and watch TV? Whether your outlets are low in number or placed in weird, hard-to-reach locations, you do … Continued

About Charging Your Electrical Car

Costs of Operating an Electric Vehicle If you’re buying an electric vehicle (EV) or adding one to your commercial fleet, you’re probably thinking about all the money you’ll be saving once you no longer have to rely on liquid fueling and general maintenance. And in most cases, that’s a safe bet. But there are some … Continued

Color Correction with LED Lighting

Use LEDs for a Balanced Lighting Scheme Knowing how to balance color and light temperature will help you create an ideal lighting scheme in your home. You can go from a home office or artists’ studio where you feel energized and focused in a softly lit dining room where you can unwind while enjoying the … Continued

Vaulted Ceiling Electrical Wiring Projects

Enhance Your Vaulted Ceiling with Lighting Nothing matches the beauty and drama of a vaulted ceiling. Adding a light or a ceiling fan is a great way to enhance your ceiling, but doing so without stopping to think about the wiring, safety issues and other complications can lead to major headaches. When you’re dealing with … Continued

Wiring for Outdoor Comfort

Wiring for Outside Comfort You love sitting on your patio or your lanai, enjoying the fresh air and the scents from your garden or the sea. The weather can trap you indoors inside when it is too hot or too chilly to enjoy your outdoor living areas. Outdoor spaces can benefit from special wiring that … Continued

Sizing Options for Home Generators

What Size Generator Do You Need? With a home generator, you’ll never fear a power outage. If your work depends on your ability to keep your connection to the outside world running, if you rely on electricity for lifesaving medical equipment, or if you just want the convenience of knowing you never have to worry … Continued

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