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Is it safe to spray foam around electrical outlets?

Spray Foam To Insulate Outlets Spray foam is a handy, easy-to-use insulator, but you can’t just use it everywhere. If you’re thinking about spraying it around your outlets and your electrical box, follow basic safety precautions and use it with care. Insulation will help your home stay at a regular temperature. It can help you … Continued

Home Electricity Usage Monitoring Options

Monitor Your Home Electricity Usage There are many good reasons to monitor your home energy use. Knowing which appliances and devices cost you the most to run is valuable information. Is your smart appliance really saving you money? Are your old appliances major energy hogs? Is it cheaper to use your toaster oven or your … Continued

What is a Power Inverter?

FAQs About Power Inverters A power inverter is an extremely handy gadget that converts energy from a car engine, the sun, wind, or other sources into usable power for your appliances and devices while you’re on the road. You can also use this power to fire up your generator. You just connect your inverter to … Continued

What is the electric power requirement for well pumps?

Wiring a Well Pump: Play It Safe Most of us rely on public water systems, but people who live in remote areas often need their own private water supply. According to the Virginia Department of Health, about 1 million homes in Virginia use well water. These homes are mostly in rural areas beyond the reach … Continued

Using Dimmers with LED Lights: What You Need To Know

Using Dimmers with LED Lights If you’re thinking of making the switch to LED lights, you may wonder if you can still create stylish lighting effects in your home. In particular, people often ask if they can still use dimmer switches when they install LED bulbs. You can see dimmers, but there are some tips … Continued

What are the Best Places to Place Floodlights?

Where To Place Your Outdoor Floodlights Floodlights are an important addition to any dark yard. If you’re using them to illuminate your home, they can increase your sense of security. In a commercial setting, bright outdoor lighting will make even the darkest outdoor areas feel bright and safe. Here are some suggestions for the best … Continued

Top Five Reasons To Replace Your Electrical Outlets

Replace Your Electrical Outlets? Do you need to replace your outlets? Here are some key reasons to consider getting new outlets. If you need help to install the new ones, call SESCOS. We can put them in safely and quickly. 1. The Contacts Are Worn Out Does your outlet feel loose when you plug something … Continued

Perfect Applications for Surface Mount Wiring

Is Surface-Mounted Wiring Right for Your Project? If you want to add wires or upgrade your appliances but don’t want to tear into walls, surface wiring could be the solution you need. With surface wiring, you can install small appliances, lights, and new outlets directly on your walls and ceilings. Most electrical installations require you … Continued

What is Blue Light and Why Block it?

Is Your Light Making You Blue? Whether you’re working from home or at an office, you’re probably spending a lot of time in front of a computer during your working hours. Worse yet, you probably spend a lot of your off-hours winding down with your smartphone or tablet. All that technology produces high levels of … Continued

Five Tips for Lighting Your Home Office

Ideal Lighting Solutions for Home Office Many of us are spending a lot of time in our home offices these days. For some, working at home has been a familiar setup for years. One of the most important parts of an efficient workspace is the type of lighting you have. Lighting can make or break … Continued

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