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Wiring Radiant Heat Panels

All About Radiant Heat Panels Radiant heat panels can bring warmth to chilly basement rooms, additions and other areas that need a little extra heat. If you’re thinking about installing some, proper installation and wiring are critical. What Are Radiant Heat Panels? They are systems you mount on the wall or ceilings to add heat … Continued

How to fix an Unbalanced Ceiling Fan?

Five Tips for Wobbly Ceiling Fans Ceiling fans are a great addition to any room. They add ventilation, add tons of style and can slash your energy bills. Ceiling fans aren’t just for the summer. Rotate them in the winter to keep rooms toasty without sending your heating bills sky-high. If you’re in the mood … Continued

Types of Smoke Detectors

What Type of Smoke Detectors Do You Need? Is it time to replace your smoke detectors? If they’re old or outdated, they’re a safety risk. Old, failing smoke detectors cause thousands of preventable fires every year. A new smoke detector can save your life. This is a great time to buy new smoke detectors and … Continued

What Causes Power Surges at Home?

What Causes Power Surges in Your Home? A sudden power surge can leave your electronics and appliances fried. You might think you know about power surges. You may even plan to buy power surge protection. That’s a great idea, especially during our whole-house surge protection special. How much do you really know about these bursts … Continued

Difference between Indoor and Outdoor Ceiling Fans

Choosing Outdoor Ceiling Fans Sitting and enjoying the outdoors is the best part of summer, but not if you’re stifling in the heat. Putting a ceiling fan in your porch, verandah, sunroom or deck is a great way to keep your cool when you’re enjoying lunch, cocktails, tea or some quiet reading time in your … Continued

When Power Came to Town

When Leesburg Got the Power It’s hard to imagine now, but there was a time when Leesburg was a rural area with no electricity. What’s even more surprising is that it didn’t become electrified until the 1930s, long after neighboring cities were lighting up the night with light bulbs and electric appliances.     A … Continued

Wiring for Ground Mounted Solar

Can You DIY Your Solar Installation? Are you interested in going green, going off the grid or just saving some green? Discover how easy it is to do your own solar installation. Getting Solar Power: What Are Your Options? Solar power is gaining in popularity as people look for ways to reduce their energy use, … Continued

Electrical Wiring in Winchester

Keeping Winchester Powered Up Winchester holds a special place in electrical history. It was the first city south of the Potomac River to use electric lights. SESCOS is another proud part of Winchester’s electrical history. We’ve been here in your community for more than 60 years, delivering the power you need to keep your homes … Continued

Local Electricians on Call

Top 10 Reasons to Call Your Neighborhood Electrician Do you ever wish you had a friendly electrician as a neighbor? Sometimes you just need someone who’s available and “on call” to help with small jobs and large jobs that crop up around the house. These may not be emergencies, but they matter to you. With … Continued

Critical Home Care Electrician

5 Tips to Keeping Medical Equipment Powered Losing power to your home is never an enjoyable experience. If you or someone in your family depend on life-saving medical equipment, an outage can be devastating. As we all know, it can happen anytime. Just last month, storms knocked out power to over 26,000 homes in Virginia. … Continued

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