Electrical Power Preparedness

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Be Prepared for Winter’s Worst

Winter hasn’t left our region yet, and we still have weeks or months left to expect snowstorms and other weather events. We may not be subject to wildfires, volcanoes or tornados, but even in the best of weather conditions, power outages still happen in Loudoun County several times a year.

Power Outage Problems

Food and supplies. You could lose hundreds of dollars worth of food if your refrigerator or freezer stop working. In addition, certain medical supplies like insulin require refrigeration. Don’t take the risk of losing food and needed medications.

Work and records. More people than ever rely on home computing for their work or run businesses from a home office. Most people and organizations use onsiteĀ electronic storage to maintain important family and legal records. Losing power could mean losing your livelihood or your important data.

Entertainment. Most of us depend on electronic devices for all types of entertainment, from gaming devices to electronic readers, stereo systems, and televisions.

Information and connection. Losing power means losing out on emergency information that could be vital. It also means the ability to connect with family and with your emergency contacts.

Safe at Home

The Department of Homeland Security recommends the following tips to keep your family safe during a power outage.

Use flashlights instead of candles. Candles have been known to cause fires during emergency situations.

Turn off appliances. A sudden power surge can overload your appliances or electronic devices and cause them to burn out.

Consult with a professional electrician to map your emergency power requirements and invest in a backup power generator that is professionally installed and maintained.

Business Backups

Medical facilities. Keep lifesaving medical equipment working and ensure that you can supply emergency medical care during a weather event. During a weather emergency, hospitals often become centers of information and support, often serving as an emergency shelter.

Schools and day care centers. Losing power could cost a school or university thousands of dollars in lost class time and electronic records. Schools, like hospitals, often serve as shelters during emergencies.

Data centers. If you run a data center, backup generator support is a necessary part of retaining your Tier III or Tier IV certification. A generator ensures that you can continue supplying multiple levels of computing power to your clients.

Small businesses. Don’t let power outages mean lost profits, lost wages for your staff or any other losses. With a generator, you’ll continue being able to serve your community and the local economy.

Benefits of a Backup Generator

Safety and security. The U.S. Red Cross recommends automatic generators because they are more reliable and because they protect against harmful carbon dioxide emissions that a portable generator might create.

It’s automatic. A whole-home generator can hook up to your fuel line so you never need to refill it. In addition, the generator will automatically turn on when the power goes out, whether you are home or not. This 24-7 protection is unmatched by a portable generator.

It’s electric. A professional electrician can install a generator that connects directly to your home’s circuit panel, for a solution that is complete and safe.

Get Storm-Ready with SESCOS

Select the generator. At SESCOS, we offer a complete line of generators, from small units that will keep one or two appliances running to whole-house automatic generators that will get you through any emergency.

Get expert advice. SESCSOS generator experts can walk you through the best and safest way to use the generator you choose. We also have maintenance plans that will keep your new generator running safely and at peak efficiency.

Plan for installation. If you’re purchasing a whole-house generator, you’ll need to have it professionally installed. A portable generator won’t need installation, but make sure you ask your SESCOS expert about the safest way to use it.

Do it now. The time from selecting to installing a generator can range from 10 to 30 days depending on the type you need. It’s best to buy and install it while you still have power.

Power Up

Don’t let winter catch you without electrical power just when you need it most. Contact SESCOS today and ask about our generator specials. Be prepared for winter’s worst with a generator that is sure to go on when the power goes out.