Elements of Energy Management

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How to Save Energy and Money?

The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that most commercial properties waste 30 percent of their energy. That means you’re losing money every day that you don’t implement some solid energy-saving strategies.

Luckily, new advances in lighting and smart sensors make it easier than ever to implement a money-saving, energy-saving program in your property. The first step is to have a qualified electrician conduct an energy audit to pinpoint where you can begin making changes.


LED Relamping

Our trained team of lighting experts can help you evaluate all elements of LED relamping or retrofitting for homes, businesses and public spaces.  Here are some reasons to make the move to LED.

  • One of the best ways to reduce energy costs is to change lighting sources; fluorescent lamps are more efficient than traditional lights but nothing compares to the savings from LED lights.
  • As one example, the D.C. Office of Energy, a government agency, estimates that switching “Exit” signs to LED fixtures would lower the price of these signs by 95 percent.
  • Retrofitting to LED has been shown to be a cost-saving investment.
  • LEDS magazine compared the long-term cost savings that could be generated by various businesses if they retrofitted fully to LED relamping; they found that the cost savings would also lead to a dramatic increase in the property’s value when they used examples from the fast food, retail and casino industries.


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Smart Sensors

Smart power strips sense that nobody is in the office and automatically turn equipment off.

Thermal sensors automatically regulate the temperature in each room depending on how many people are in it, ceiling height, time of day and other factors to make sure heat and cooling aren’t wasted.

Thermal activity sensors can also detect how many people are in your retail or commercial space, far more quickly and easily than other counting methods.

Many other “smart” solutions are available to make conserving energy easy; consult with an electrician to learn about the latest innovations.


Do You Need an Energy Audit?

  • The need for industrial and commercial audits is growing rapidly as energy costs continue to rise, and also for the favorable public image that comes with being a “green” company.
  • Industrial audits require highly specific skill sets that differ from those used in residential audits. In residential audits the focus might be on things like weatherproofing and reducing consumption; in an industrial audit, inspectors will examine the lighting system, HVAC system, production equipment, building composition and many other factors.
  • Make sure your auditors are specifically trained in industrial assessments, able to help you implement their recommendations, and knowledgeable about local codes for commercial buildings.


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SESCOS can provide an Energy audit

  • discover ways to lower your operating costs;
  • ensure that your employees and customers feel comfortable in your building;
  • meet safety and environmental codes;
  • determine where the best investment of your energy dollars should go;
  • design a plan that includes upgrading, retrofitting and other solutions that make sense for you;
  • give you guidance on becoming a greener facility;
  • implement changes that work with your needs and your budget.


Why Southern Electric?

We’re a family-owned business that has been serving the electrical needs of Washington Metropolitan residential, commercial and industrial customers for decades. We have the knowledge, experience and skills to help you compete in today’s world of rising energy costs that can drain your hard-earned dollars. Whether you have a small concern in a converted home or huge warehouse space, contact SESCOS and learn how we can help your business thrive and grow green.

Contact our trained electricians for energy management assessment – for homes and businesses of all types and size.