How Does GFCI Receptacle Work

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Update GFCI Outlet

Even if you know nothing about electricity, you’re probably familiar with the black and red buttons on your ground-fault circuit interruptor (GFCI) outlets.

Without GFCI outlets, you could be in for more than one shocking surprise in your home. But there are good reasons to consider calling a SESCOS electrician to replace your old GFCI outlets with new ones. Modern GFCI receptacles offer many advantages over older ones.


They Will Keep You Safer

The new GFCI receptacles provide more safety than ever. They’re tamper-proof, meaning that they’ll shut off if anything other than a plug goes in them. You can install them with no worries about children sticking fingers, safety pins or anything else in the sockets.

  • Back wiring options with clamping plates make for a secure hold on the wall.
  • New receptacles aren’t prone to false-alarm trips the way older ones can be.
  • Some include a feature that automatically tests the GFCI every time the reset button gets pushed.
  • An expert SESCOS electrician can install them safely and show you all of their great new features.


They Look Good

Safety comes first, but it’s also nice to get an instant upgrade to your home. New GFCI outlets are designed to complement your home décor. At SESCOS, we have them in a wide variety of designs.

  • The smaller size means they will fit anywhere, on any size of electrical box.
  • The extra-slim design won’t stick out like a sore thumb on your wall.
  • Cover plates are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors.


They Go Anywhere

GFCI receptacles are required in certain areas of your home. But even in places where the code doesn’t require them, you can find it useful to have that extra layer of protection. One of SESCOS qualified technicians can direct you to the best placement for your new receptacles.

  • The receptacles can be wired from the side or the back.
  • Special child-safety features let you install them anywhere with confidence.
  • Use them wherever you have high moisture levels including kitchens, wet bars, pool areas and patios.
  • The receptacles work in windy locations and include self-grounding clips.

Why GFCI Keep Tripping

As we noted GFCI receptacles are essential elements of electrical safety.  One common question we receive at Southern Electric – WHY DOES MY GFCI OUTLET KEEP TRIPPING.  In short, it is likely doing exactly what it is designed to do.  Remember GFCI outlets typically are used in areas where moisture is likely to be present (outdoors, bathrooms, kitchens, etc).  Here are a few points to investigate:

  • Are outdoor outlets equipped with proper and update covers
  • Is an extension cord in use (like for a warming lamp in a Chicken Coop)
  • Is the house extra humid – perhaps you need to turn on the HVAC Fan(s) to help move the air
  • Never leave electrical safety to chance – when in doubt contact SESCOS electricians for an electrical safety inspection

We’ll Do all the Work

Don’t worry about fitting the new receptacles into your older outlets. No matter how old your home is, or how many receptacles need to be replaced, SESCOS can get it done for you quickly and easily.

  • Count on our knowledge and experience when choosing the right GFCI receptacles for your home.
  • SESCOS expert technicians will make quick work of the installation.
  • We guarantee all of our work, and we’re available around the clock.


Your On-Call Electrical Experts

SESCOS trained, experienced technicians are always on call when you need help with any electrical problem. We sell, replace and service all kinds of GFCI outlets and can give you expert guidance and top-notch, guaranteed installation.

If you want to get rid of your cranky, unreliable old outlets and get all the advantages of modern GFCI outlets, call SESCOS today.

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