LED Lighting for Outdoor Steps and Paths

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Lighten Up With LEDs

You enjoy your deck, patio and other outdoor spaces when the sun’s out. But why limit your fun to the daytime? Add the proper lighting and you can keep the fun going into the late hours. With winter on its way, consider adding outdoor heating as well. You’ll have an outdoor space that’s ready year-round.

Why You Need Outdoor Lighting

There are several good reasons to add some brightness to your outdoor spaces.

Extend your enjoyment. Enjoy your outdoors later into the season. As the cold season’s approach, days get shorter and night falls earlier. With an outdoor area that’s well-lit, you’ll be able to enjoy your outdoor spaces in the fall and winter.

Safety. Walking around your yard, deck or pool area at night can be dangerous. You can’t see what’s around every corner. It’s easy to trip on the terrain you can’t see. Your guests and family members will also feel safer when they’re walking around a well-lit area.

Ambiance. Your lighting can help you create the right mood for your garden, seating, and entertainment areas. Create a relaxed outdoor dinner with a mix of medium and lower-level lights. Evoke a party atmosphere with brighter lights, colored lights, and stringed lights. Enjoy a romantic evening on your deck with subtle lighting that feels like candlelight.

Why Choose LED Lights?

LED lights are a great choice when you’re installing outdoor lighting. Here are several to think about when you plan your deck lighting scheme.

For the energy savings. LED bulbs will save you money and energy. They use a fraction of the energy that halogen bulbs and other outdoor light sources use.

They emit almost no heat. Cool LED bulbs are safe to use around your plants and shrubs. It also means you don’t have to worry about overheating the outdoor area where you’re sitting.

They’re durable. LED lamps are ideal for outdoor use because they can withstand all types of weather conditions. With no glass, there is no risk of breaking.

Never change a bulb. LED bulbs are long-lasting. Some last 10 years or more. Your outdoor lights will glow year after year without your having to change the bulbs.

LED bulbs come in a variety of warmth levels, brightness, and colors. You can choose LED bulbs in cool, pure white for bright illumination, or select warmer tones for a subtle glow. For special occasions or to amp up your decorating scheme, use LEDs in a variety of colors.

You can buy them in a wide variety of configurations. LED bulbs come in various form and fixtures that will work with any outdoor setting. Use LED strips, post cap lights, in-ground lights, string lights and almost any other type you need.

Stone Walls and Fences

If you have a stone wall or are planning to build one, ask your masonry company to create an inset in the wall. Place a light inside the stone inset for a striking way to illuminate an entrance or gate.

Stairways and Steps

LED strips on the risers of your stairs add lighting that makes them safe to walk on in the dark. They also add a festive sparkle to the look of your stairways and steps. Place lighted post caps on the railings to make them easy to find in the dark.

Recessed Risers

Recessed riser lights can add the look of recessed lighting to any patio. These lightweight fixtures are easy to install. They come in a variety of styles and shapes, including those that mimic the look of traditional recessed lights and others that have glass-look inserts.

Light the Night with SESCOS

Once you’ve decided on an outdoor lighting scheme, count on SESCOS to offer expert advice, sell you the right LED bulbs and fixtures, and install them safely. You’ll enjoy the great outdoors well into the fall and winter.