Kuhn Aviation

Leesburg VA

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Southern Electrical took flight with Kuhn Aviation, bringing our specialized electrical expertise to the forefront in the construction of their new hangar and VIP lounge. This project marked a significant venture into ensuring that every aspect of Kuhn Aviation’s new construction was powered to perfection. From the foundational wiring to the intricate installation of advanced lighting systems, our work encompassed the entire electrical spectrum. We meticulously designed and implemented a lighting scheme that not only illuminates but also enhances the functionality and aesthetic appeal of both the hangar and the VIP lounge. Our commitment to excellence ensured that all electrical systems were optimized for safety, efficiency, and the unique operational needs of an aviation facility, setting a new standard for electrical solutions in the aviation industry.


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Southern Electrical partnered with Kuhn Aviation to electrify their new hangar and VIP lounge, ensuring top-tier electrical infrastructure and lighting. Our comprehensive services covered everything from essential wiring to sophisticated lighting systems, tailored to meet the specific demands of aviation facilities. Our expertise not only brought light but also added an extra layer of functionality and style to Kuhn Aviation's new construction, showcasing our commitment to delivering high-quality, specialized electrical solutions.