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$160 each installed buy 2 get a third device installed for free

Ever find yourself looking for a specific charger for a business associate or a guest in your home? Let SESCOS introduce you to the convenience of charging any device from an in wall USB charging unit that doubles as the ultimate convenience outlet. We offer USB Charging Devices featuring a smart chip that recognizes your device and its specific charging requirements and optimizes the charging. Read More Below


USB Charger Devices

Whether it is a cell phone or a tablet, you will experience the same quality charging as if you were using the charger that came with your device. With these new USB devices you can now have an all in one charging solution anywhere there is a convenience outlet. Adapter-free charging eliminates unsightly clutter contributing to a neat appearance on countertops, desktops or wherever you choose to charge. Engineered for compatibility with the latest technology, Southern Electrical installs Leviton USB Charger Devices that are designed to charge any electronic device with a USB adapter without the worry of damage. Contact us today for a free estimate. We offer financing upon approval.

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