Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

$79.00 for testing and new batteries supplied and installed up to 8 detectors.
We will supply and install a new smoke Detector for $79 each and a combo for $125.00 on existing wiring


When is the last time you had your smoke detectors serviced or replaced? Did you know that most fire alarm manufacturers recommend you should completely replace your fire alarms every seven to ten years?

Fire alarms are your first line of home protection, engineered to protect your family, pets, and belongings. SESCOS can provide you with a maintenance agreement to maintain your current system as well as replace or upgrade your system.


Smart Smoke and CO2 Detectors

Wireless technology allows us to provide the latest in smoke and carbon monoxide alarm detection for any home. Smart Detectors provide you the ability to receive an alarm on your phone when you’re not home, or even more important when your family and pets are.

Smart Detectors provide the ability to silence an ear-piercing alarm from the convenience of your phone, day or night from anywhere you have cell phone coverage. Smart Detectors can give you the ability to eliminate the problem of trying to find the low battery beeping detector in your home.

Allow SESCOS to bring the latest technology in Fire and Carbon monoxide protection to your home and family. Read More Below

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Most Fire Marshals report that losses due to fires are the result of smoke detectors being inoperable, having dead batteries, or just not working. The most important safety protection device in your home is the smoke and/or carbon monoxide detector. Let Southern Electrical equip your home with efficient, hard-wired, wireless or smart options.

The products we install are recognized for exceptionally high reliability. We supply detectors that are electrically hardwired with battery backup—so your family is protected, even in a power outage. No matter the age of your home SESCOS can make it safer with the latest technology of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Once we install your detectors, you can have the peace of mind that a quality detection system is at work for you.

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