Electrical Home Inspection Updates

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Your New Home’s Electrical System

When you’re looking for a new home, make sure you check the electricity before you buy. That’s a good way to make sure your new home won’t cause you big problems down the line.

Here’s a list of items you should check for when you’re looking over a brand new or older new home. Doing so will help you prevent future electrical shocks.

Are the Electric Bills Affordable?

An energy audit should top your to-do list. Performed by professional electricians, this can give you an assessment of what your future electric bills will be like.

SESCOS can perform this energy audit for you so you’ll know what to expect once you move in.

Is the House Energy-Efficient?

Make sure the home has solid insulation, properly placed windows and other factors that will contribute to a lower energy bill.

  • Older appliances may not be as energy-efficient as newer ones.
  • The owners may have overloaded the circuits with high-wattage equipment.
  • High ceilings can lead to high energy bills.
  • SESCOS electricians can give you ideas for more efficient heating, cooling and light systems to bring those bills down.

Check the Panel

The circuit breaker, or central panel, is central to your home’s electrical power. To ensure electrical safety, it should be up-to-date, clean and in good operating condition.

  • Check to make sure the panel is free of tangled wires, burn spots or rust.
  • Each breaker should have GFCI protection.
  • Some older panels may need to be replaced, especially those that don’t have modern, single-switch disconnects.

What about wiring?

  • Copper is the ideal type of wiring.
  • A professional electrician can replace older wiring like aluminum or knob-and-tune wiring.
  • If the wiring’s insulation has worn down, you should replace the wiring to avoid fire and other dangers.

Out of Outlets?

When looking over your prospective home, look for electrical outlets to make sure they’re in good shape, not hidden under layers of paint, and in good working condition.

  • Older homes may not have enough outlets for all of the electronics you want to run.
  • Check where the outlets are spaced on the walls to make sure that layout works for you.
  • If you need more outlets, call a qualified SESCOS electrician to install them for you.

Fixtures and Fans

If the home you’re looking at has electrical fixtures in place, make sure they’re the type you can live with, or replace.

  • Is the home set up for recessed lighting?
  • Make sure any fans are securely mounted and safely wired.
  • Think about replacing light bulbs with LED and other modern bulb types.

How SESCO Can Help

If you’re contemplating a move, call a SESCOS electrician to check the house out before you put your name on a contract. Our expert technicians can help you avoid problems and save on costly future repairs.

We’ll check out:

  • the circuit panel, breakers and outlets;
  • all wiring and insulation;
  • installation of ceiling fixtures and wall switches;
  • damage caused by flood, fire or pests;
  • amperage and wattage of all wiring.

SESCOS will perform any needed repairs or replacements.

  • We’ll make sure your wiring is fully up to code.
  • Safety is always our first priority.
  • Spend a little money now to save a lot of money later.

Wired for the Future

When you find your new home, you’ll choose it because you envision your future life there. At SESCOS, we want that future to be bright and safe.

Call SESCOS today and discover how we can help you make the right choice when it comes to buying your first or next home.