SESCOS Introduces Home Protection Plan

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Introducing – Home Protection Plan

According to state officials, Virginia has more than 24,000 fires a year that cause more than $8 million in property losses. Failing electrical systems are one of the top five causes of home fires, yet many people avoid getting regular electrical maintenance checks because of the cost.

That’s why SESCOS has introduced the Protect-Your-Home Plan, a membership plan designed to give our customers peace of mind while saving them money. It’s the best way to protect and keep your home and family and maximize your electrical power use and comfort.

What the Membership Plan Includes

This plan allows Loudoun County residents to ensure their electrical systems are safe while saving money on repairs and upgrades.

The Protect-Your-Home plan is a value-packed membership program that includes:

• Initial 10-point electrical inspection
• Written analysis of your home’s system and safety
• Recommendations to improve safety and efficiency
• Reminders and alerts about problems requiring service
• 10% discount on all electrical repairs
• 10% discount on product/installation bundles
• Members-only specials
• Annual electrical inspection

You get all this for only $300 a year, which is less than the average cost of electrical repair service.

Our 10-Point Inspection

Membership in the plan begins with a complete inspection and analysis of your home’s status. Your SESCOS technician will inspect every detail of your current electrical setup.

We’ll even clean your smoke and CO2 detectors and replace the batteries. It’s our way of thanking you for trusting your home’s safety to SESCOS.

Our inspection covers:

• Switches
• Connections
• Circuit boxes
• Lighting fixtures
• Exhaust fans
• Basement wiring
• Attic wiring
• Receptacles
• Smoke and CO2 detectors
• Indoor and outdoor systems
• And more!

Benefits of the Protect-Your-Home Plan

• Get a detailed analysis of your home’s safety and code compliance
• Ensure every part of your system is safe, working correctly, and up to code
• Catch and repair minor problems before they become big ones
• Reduce your risk of electrical fires
• Save potentially thousands in costly repairs each year
• Improve energy efficiency
• Get members-only specials and deals
• Save on SESCOS’ already-affordable product/installation packages

Membership in the plan covers you when you need help installing new lights and ceiling fans, adding an extension to your house, wiring outdoor buildings, installing a generator, or checking your wiring after a power outage.

All work is performed by skilled, experienced electricians. Your membership gives you the security of knowing everything is code-compliant and safe.

How to Get Started

SESCOS makes your safety a priority, and our plan helps you do the same. To learn more about the Protect-Your-Home Plan.

Sign up to start enjoying the benefits by calling 703-777-6200.