Protect Your Home

by Southern Electrical




Is your electrical system as safe as when we wired it?

Southern Electrical wired your home when it was built. We made certain every element was correct, up to code, safe and operating perfectly. We can give you this same peace of mind once again with our Protect Your Home Membership Program.

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Protect Your Home

Over the course of a year, daily use of switches, outlets and appliances can cause loose connections — the #1 cause of electrical fires. During that same year, ordinary household dust and old batteries can make smoke and CO2 detectors useless.

When it comes to electricity, inspections matter—because protecting your home, your investment and your family matter.

As one of the most trusted companies in the mid-Atlantic region, Southern Electrical is committed to keeping our customers safe with our Protect Your Home Program.


See What’s Included

$300 annual membership includes:

EACH Year:  10-point inspection of everything in your electrical system—switches to exhaust fans, attic to basement, inside and outside. We even vacuum smoke and CO2 detectors and replace the batteries.

  • Complete, written evaluation of your home’s electrical safety 
  • Alerts about hazards requiring immediate repair
  • Ways to enhance system operation and extend its life 

ALL Year:  10% discount on everything Southern Electrical does to make your home worry-free, maintenance-free and more enjoyable.

  • All electrical repairs and upgrades
  • All product/installation bundles
  • Member-only special offers and discounts

Join Now & Protect Your Home

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