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$16,500 for a 24 KW with Automatic transfer complete install except for gas connection

When is the best time for me to buy a generator? We can tell you with confidence the best time to buy a generator is yesterday! Generators provide power when the electric grid goes down. As dependable as the electric grid is, it always goes down without warning and can remain down, in worst cases, for several days.

The time to buy a generator is when your lights and computers are working. Let SESCOS provide you with a generator system designed to meet the specific needs of your home, office, or lifestyle. Having a generator will give you the peace of mind to provide you with the power you need. Read More Below


The top reasons customers have called on us to install an emergency power system are:

  • To provide uninterrupted power to essential life support equipment.
  • To provide uninterrupted power to customers that work from home.
  • To provide uninterrupted power for home protection for items such as sump pumps, well pumps, water systems, refrigerators, freezers, heating and cooling systems, fire alarms.
  • To provide uninterrupted power to maintain everyday lifestyles.

Designing a system to meet your individual needs, we offer generators that range from a small manual system that will power basic essentials to a large system that will automatically power your entire home or business.

The time to purchase your generator is now. The time that lapses from when you order your generator, until installation is complete, depending on your configuration, can range from 10-30 days. We have many options to serve your needs as well as your budget. Southern Electric can sell you a generator or install your generator.

Southern Electric offers a maintenance program for a variety of generator manufacturers. Purchasing a generator from Southern Electric will give you the comfort and peace of mind you deserve. Contact us today for a free estimate. We offer financing upon approval.

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