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Upgrades any combination of lamps $13.50 each installed. Minimum 10 lamps. Based on Max ceiling height of 10 ft. shower or weatherproof bulbs $24.50 each installed.

Are you having trouble matching the type and color of light to the décor of your home or office? Does your current lighting system provide you with long life and energy savings? LED is changing the way we view light in our homes and businesses. LED technology brings a wide variety of long life lighting options that provide excellent color and energy savings as high as 90%.

LED Lighting Installation

Simply by installing the right LED solution, gone are the days of flickering lights, slow startups, and horrible colors in lighting. One of the largest stumbling blocks with retrofit lighting has been the ability to provide the correct color lighting to enhance the colors and décor of individual spaces in homes and offices. We offer LED technology that allows us to match the color and decors of any space while providing the outstanding benefits of energy savings that LED provides. Read More Below

LED Upgrades

Allow SESCOS to come into your home or office and provide you with LED options that are best suited for the décor and application of your space. LED options can be dimmed and color corrected to coordinate with the colors of any room’s décor. LED options continue to be the highest energy efficient solution on the market today. By choosing the correct LED retrofit for your home, you can enjoy corrected color, increased light output and energy savings that pays for the investment you’ve made in a LED lamp. When dimming LED lamps, it is critical to match the correct dimmer to the specific lamp to provide seamless dimming operation. Allow SESCOS to provide you with the correct retrofit for the individual spaces in your home or business. Contact us today for a free estimate. We offer financing upon approval.

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