Electricians in
Manassas, Virginia


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Southern Electrical proudly stands as the trusted provider of residential and commercial electricians in Manassas VA. With a steadfast focus on quality and dedication, our team delivers unmatched service tailored to the unique needs of Manassas residents and businesses.

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Services That Spark Joy

Electrical Panel Upgrades

Manassas homes and businesses need a modern touch, and our electrical panel solutions offer just that.

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LED Lighting: Manassas Shines Bright

Incorporate the latest in LED lighting, keeping in sync with Manassas’s dynamic spirit.

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electrical services in Manassas.

Comprehensive Safety Audits

For the historic and the new buildings in Manassas, our safety inspections promise peace and assurance.

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Custom Solutions for Manassas

Our Account Managers are on standby, ready to craft an electrical plan that resonates with your Manassas identity.