5 Reasons to Install a Whole Home Generator

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5 Ways a Generator Makes Your Life Better

You know a whole house generator can keep your lights, appliances, and important equipment on, but did you know it can make your life easier and more fun? Here are five reasons to buy one today.

1. Drive an Electric Car

A recent study by Drive Electric Virginia found that more than 25% of Virginia residents would consider an electric vehicle (EV) or hybrid vehicle for their next car. Based on current sales trends, EV ownership in the state is expected to grow to 51% of the market by 2030.


Image of EV with Charger Plug-in


Buying an EV is a green solution that makes even more sense with rising gas prices, but you need a reliable supply of electricity. With a whole house generator, you can be sure your EV is always charged and ready to go.

2. Binge In Peace

Who hasn’t experienced the joys of binge-watching? Sometimes, the best plan for a night or a weekend is to watch or re-watch an entire TV show from start to finish. You pick your favorite cable show or streaming service, pick the comfiest spot on the couch, and start watching. It’s a fun way to escape for a while.

Unfortunately, a power outage can kill your bingeing buzz. If your power company goes down, you’re looking at no more streaming, no more cable, and no more episodes. Get a whole house generator, and you can binge without fear.

3. Keep the Party Going

Whether it’s a summer barbecue or a romantic date night dinner, you need electricity to entertain. Nothing will take the fun out of any get-together like losing your lights, refrigerator, music, or air conditioning while your gathering is in full swing. You may have spent weeks planning your party, and all it takes is a few minutes to ruin the whole thing.

Don’t let it happen to you. With a whole-house generator, you can keep your cookout, patio party, or family dinner going without worries.

4. Preserve Your Food

These days, groceries are too expensive to waste. If you lose power to your refrigerator and freezer, you could be out hundreds of dollars in food.


electrical wiring of kitchen islands by Southern Electric


According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, perishable foods can go bad in just four hours after a fridge stops working. As we all know, it can often take longer than that for your power company to fix an outage. Have you ever come home to a fridge full of spoiled food? With a generator, your appliances will turn on and remain on, even if you’re not home.

5. Protect Your Property

Losing power can mean losing your security system, including lights and alarms. That leaves your home dangerously exposed to vagrants and other troublemakers. A whole house generator lets your security system keep a watchful eye on the place, even if you’re not home.

Choose the Right Generator

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