5 Things about Rewiring for Kitchen Renovation

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Electrical Upgrades for Kitchen Makeovers

Are you refurbishing your kitchen? When you’re thinking about new cabinets and flooring, spend some time renovating your electrical system. Here are five fast, easy upgrades you can add to make your kitchen look great and work even better.

1. Add More Outlets

Most older kitchens don’t have enough outlets. These days, you’re likely to need outlets for your food processor, blender, microwave, phone, television, and coffee maker. When you renovate, more outlets should be at the top of your list.

The National Electrical Code (NEC) requires an outlet every six feet. You can space them closer if you need more outlets in easy reach.

Don’t forget to add a circuit for the kitchen to run all these devices and appliances.

2. Get Smart

Use this renovation to add smart home automation to your kitchen. There are many good options for kitchens.

Add a water sensor to monitor leaks in your faucet. Take it a step further with a digital faucet, which uses touchless technology to turn on, regulate the water temperature and help you conserve water. A refrigerator door sensor will alert you if someone leaves the door open.

3. Blow Your Fuses

Is your old kitchen still on a fuse system? It’s time to upgrade to circuit breakers. They offer more protection against surges and fire hazards. They’re also easier to fix if they turn off in response to a power overload. If a circuit breaker shuts off, you just reset it after finding out what caused the overload.


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4. Don’t DIY It

Dealing with large-scale electrical renovations is not a DIY job. You must deal with live, high voltage wires.

Your attempts to manage this rewiring yourself could cause you several problems. Your job may not be up to code, and your homeowners’ insurance may not cover you if something goes wrong.

It’s also dangerous. Electricians are highly trained professionals, and it’s smart to let them handle this job. Don’t take chances with your home’s safety. If your budget is tight, save money somewhere else.

5. Get Some Illumination

Renovating your kitchen is the perfect time to think about kitchen lighting. Add under cabinet lighting for attractive, practical task lighting. Recessed lights look great in kitchens. Consider adding stylish pendant lights or the Edison lamps that are trendy now.

If you’re renovating your kitchen, you are probably going to remove part of the wall and backsplash. That’s an ideal time to run wires for your cabinet or overhead lights. Be sure your home can handle the new electrical load, and add a dedicated circuit if necessary.

Call SESCOS for All Your Electrical Upgrades

If you need more outlets, a new circuit breaker, smart home automation, lighting installation, or other upgrades, talk to SESCOS. We provide expert guidance and fast, professional installation. We’ll get the job done safely so you can enjoy your new kitchen.

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