Adding Color with LED Lighting Systems

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Get Colorful with LED Lighting

New developments in LED bulbs make them an exciting, easy-to-use option for lighting up your decor and adding stunning backdrops to indoor and outdoor spaces. Many of these systems allow you to control the brightness and color remotely through your home’s smart automation hub.

With the holidays coming up, this is the perfect time to enhance the lighting in your home, restaurant, nightclub, arena, sports field or other venues with colored LED lighting.

LEDs Make Color Easy

LED color lighting systems allow you to create endless color effects depending on the type of lighting fixture you use and any special effects you add. You can dim the lights, flash them or fade them as easily as flipping one or two switches or better yet – dialing in a specific color with your smartphone.

Multi-Color RGB LED Strips

You might see LED lighting systems that list themselves as “RGB.” RGB stands for red, green and blue. You can create a full-color spectrum by mixing these colors.

Try adding colored LED strips to your stairways, under kitchen cabinets, across the top of artwork, along with your work desk or on your windowsills. You can use them to decorate for the holidays, game day or just to keep a touch of color every day.

Try them:

Wall Washers

To create a full-color effect on your walls, use wall washer lights that coat them in a single color. It’s like changing the paint color in a nonpermanent way. You can alternate different colors on different walls, use another color for the ceiling and trim, or create any combinations you come up with.

String Lights

String lights add a festive flair to any gathering. They’re also a great addition to outdoor seating areas in commercial spaces, giving customers a well-lit and colorful space to enjoy outdoor dining and other activities.

Well Lights

Use these in-ground lights to illuminate outdoor areas. Pools, spas, and water fountains come alive with blue or green lighting. Try white or colored lights to highlight garden plots and grassy areas. Use well lights along an outdoor path or stairway to make walking safer and to add color.

Restaurants, Bars and Nightclubs

Whether your bar is in your basement or down the street, light it up with color for an easy way to redecorate that you can change whenever you want.

  • Choose cool blue and violet shades to create a vivid, modern feel.
  • Try soft lighting in pink and red tones for a more romantic mood.
  • Soft amber lighting creates a candlelight effect.
  • Vivid orange and yellow colors create a happy, upbeat mood.
  • Use pale green or blue tones to create an elegant, upscale feeling.

Color Ideas for a Home Bar, Nightclub or Restaurant

Adding a splash of color, or colors can alter the scene to match the mood of the occasion. Help guide your guests with relaxing blues or brilliant reds and let the good times roll.  Here are a few LED ideas for your entertainments spots.

  • Wash one color on the walls and use colored LED strips on the trim.
  • Light up the entry steps with alternating strips of neon color.
  • Light the dance floor or other separate areas in a different color.

Commercial LED

Use LED color systems are ideal for commercial, industrial and community use because they don’t require special training to use, are quickly and easily installed and save money over the long run.

Stadiums, Arenas, and clubs

Use LED lighting to flood your arena for night games, concerts, and other events. LED lights can be placed along stairs to make it safer for patrons to walk to and from the seating area to the concourse, restrooms or concession areas.

Use colored LED lighting to wash the stadium in team colors, holiday colors or any colors you choose.

If your social club or nonprofit organization is hosting a fundraising event, turn it into a true event with colored LED lighting. Sweep the dance floor with wall washers, light up the walls of the venue and use LED string lights to create a party atmosphere.

Get Colorful with SESCOs

At SESCOS, we love showing you all the new color and lighting options that will make your home or business come alive. Call us and be ready for the dark winter nights with festive, colored LED lighting systems.

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