All About Flood Lights

Outdoor Flood Lighting Design and Installation by Southern Electrical in Leesburg VA

Flood Lighting for Safety

Floodlighting will allow you to enjoy your backyard late in the day.It’s also an added security element that will make your home or retail space safer. If you’re considering installing floodlights, you have many options available. A SESCOS electrician can help you select the type of lighting system that will give you the best results.

Types of Flood Lighting

In most homes and industrial settings, there are three basic types of flood lighting.

Façade lighting: Used to accentuate a specific area like the wall of a building, façade lighting is usually installed close to the ground. Never point lightbulbs straight up as this could create a blinding effect.

Sign lighting: These are the lights that illuminate the building name, street number or other defining feature. They’re usually mounted to a doorway, patio or garage.

General area lighting: This is lighting that brightens up a large open space like a driveway or a parking lot. Most general lighting requires freestanding poles equipped with halogen, vapor or LED lights.

LED Lighting: A Better Choice

With all the lighting choices out there, it may help to know that LED lights win hands down when it comes to outdoor lighting.

They’re cool. LED lights give off much lower heat levels than other lighting types. They remain cool to the touch even after hours of illumination. Low heat emission makes them ideal for use around children and pets. It also ensures that your lighting source doesn’t become a fire hazard.

They’re safer. LED lights are free from dangerous compounds. They’re made without mercury or other vapors that can be harmful if they escape from broken light bulbs.

They can stand up to tough conditions. Because LED lights are durable, they are a good choice for all outdoor and industrial settings. You don’t have to worry about broken glass or other safety hazards, making them a worry-free option for outdoor parking lots or loading docks.

Placement of Flood Lights

Where you install your floodlights will depend on your individual needs. You’ll also need to be certain that the wires can safely and easily reach an outdoor-ready electrical panel. As with any big electrical job, it’s always safest to consult a professional electrician.

Standard points of flood light placement include:

  • At a gate opening
  • The front of your house or commercial property
  • Dark corners of your backyard
  • Driveways and parking lots

Think about how the yard gets used at night. A row of motion-activated lights along a walkway from the garage or gate will make visitors and residents feel safe when walking out from the house to the garage, trash bins or street. Motion-activated floodlights are a deterrent to wild animals and human intruders. A flood of light at the front or back door is helpful when you’re trying to unlock the door at night.

Talk with your SESCOS consultant about the type of lighting you need to feel most secure.

Save with Sensors

You can increase the efficiency and usefulness of your floodlights with the use of sensors and other smart automation. These innovative applications will also save you energy and money.

  • Motion sensors switch the lights on and leave them on for several minutes when alerted by sudden motion.
  • Dusk-to-dawn sensors turn your lights on when it starts to get dark and turn them off in the morning.
  • Dimmer switches give you greater options and you can control them from a phone or tablet.
  • Smart lamps are available that contain hidden security cameras.
  • Color systems can add color to your outdoor lights for special occasions.

Choose Your Fixtures

You are no longer limited to plain, industrial-type lighting fixtures unless that’s what you like. Outdoor light fixtures are available in a wide variety of colors, styles, and finishes.

At SESCOS, we sell and service a wide variety of floodlights and LED lighting systems. We can help you choose the right lights and the right automation that will help you feel more secure at home or at work.

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