Are Electric Car Chargers Universal?

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Electric Car Charger Compatibility

One of the reasons people hesitate to buy an electric car is not knowing if they can find a reliable place to charge it. Luckily, car charging stations are popping up everywhere, and it’s easier than ever to find a fueling station. Can you charge your electric vehicle (EV) at any charging station? Here’s what you need to know before you plug in that EV.

Quick facts:
• Yes, most car chargers are universal.
• With an adaptor, you can charge your Tesla anywhere.
• Only Teslas can charge at a Tesla Supercharger station.
• It’s smart to have a home charging station.

Most EVs Use the Same Chargers and Plugs

If you’re worried about where you’ll fill up your EV, it’s good to know that most are universal. You can charge your car at home, at work, or while you’re out. . All EV cars use the same plug for Level 1 (slow) and Level 2 (fast) charging. You can get both charging levels at home, and they’re also the levels most commonly available at car charging stations across the country.

Can You Charge Your Car at Home?

Yes, you can. It’s a good idea to have a dedicated charging station for your EV in your home. If you can charge it during the day or overnight, you can get by with Level 1 charging. If you want to be sure it’s always ready to go, invest in Level 2 charging.

Do Any Cars Have Specific Chargers?

The only U.S. car that has its own charger—and its own dedicated charging stations—is the Tesla. Tesla owns and operates more than 35,000 Superchargers, which are like gas stations for Tesla owners. The Tesla app directs them to the closest Supercharger station.

When you go to a Tesla Supercharger, you pull up and start fueling. The Supercharger automatically recognizes your car and charges the credit card you have on file with Tesla. You can charge 200 miles in 15 minutes.

Can You Charge Other Electric Cars at Tesla Superchargers?

No, you can’t charge another EV at a Tesla Supercharger. The plugs won’t fit, and no adaptor can make, say, a Chevy Volt or Mustang Mach-E plug fit into a Tesla charger. Fortunately, you can charge your Volt or your Mach-E at any other charging station.

Can You Charge Your Tesla at Another Charging Station?

If you’re at home or somewhere far from a Tesla Supercharger, the answer is yes, you can, but you need an adaptor. Most Tesla owners keep plug adaptors in their cars in case of emergency.

Get Plugged In

You can charge your EV almost anywhere. As more people buy these cars, more charging stations continue to pop up everywhere. If you’re interested in getting a home EV charging station, contact SESCOS.

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