When it’s an Electrical Emergency

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Common Electrical Emergencies

Most electrical problems are minor, but you can find yourself in a situation where you need expert electrical help at night or on a weekend. Serious electrical problems can become deadly and it’s important to identify situations that need immediate help. Rest assured that at SESCOS, we’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for all your emergency electrical needs.

Here’s a list of common situations where you should call for immediate help.

1. Fallen Power Lines

If a storm has been especially harsh, with high winds, you might see downed power lines among the tree limbs and other debris. These are the lines that connect your home’s electrical system to the electrical grid. They have extremely high levels of current and can cause a fire, shock, and death.

Never try to move fallen power lines. Don’t attempt to drive over them or get anywhere near them. Your first call should be to your electrical provider, your second to your county’s emergency services and make a third to an emergency electrician. Keep your family members and pets away from the power lines and make sure you follow the electrician’s instructions carefully.

2. Power Outage

If you’re experiencing a power outage, it’s usually because of a storm or trouble with a local transformer. In some cases, one of your neighbors may have overloaded his home’s electrical system and now the whole block is paying the price.

If none of these is to blame, a sudden power outage is a sign of a serious problem. A power outage could be the result of frayed or weak wires in your electrical system. That’s a serious fire hazard that needs immediate attention. Start by calling your service provider to find out if the trouble is on their end. If it isn’t, contact an emergency electrician.

3. Noisy Breaker Box

A breaker box that hums, buzzes or crackles is not something you want to hear. Your breaker box is protected by a circuit breaker that will make it “trip” or stop if the electrical current hits some kind of obstacle or if it gets overloaded. This is a protective feature. If it isn’t working properly, you’ll get circuits that start to burn, causing those buzzing and humming sounds.

An overloaded breaker box that fails to trip is a shock and fire hazard. You should stop using any appliances that are currently turned on, don’t turn anything else on and immediately call an emergency electrician.

4. Burnt Outlet

If you notice brown stains around your outlets, you could have a serious problem on your walls and on your hands. This indicates that the outlets are overloaded and could be ready to catch fire.

Avoid touching the outlet and don’t plug anything into it. While you’re at it, check all the outlets for the same telltale signs of outlet overload. Call an emergency electrician who can correct the problem and ensure your safety.

5. Burning Smells

If any part of your electrical system is giving off burning smells, you already know things have gotten beyond the point of a home repair. Your electrical system should never smell like it’s on fire.

If you can pinpoint the source of the smell, give that information to your emergency electrician. But don’t worry if you can’t. The safest approach is to call an electrician immediately.

Stay Safe

Electrical dangers are real. Electricity-related fires cause thousands of death each year, and in most of those cases, the early warning signs were there. Keep yourself and your family safe by calling a licensed electrician whenever you have concerns about your wiring. If an electrical emergency arises, call SESCOS. We’ll be there when you call and we’ll make sure you and your family get through any electrical emergency safely.

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