Electric Power for Sheds, Stalls and Barns

Electric power barn by SESCOS Leesburg VA

Wiring an Out Building

Is it time to run some wiring to that outdoor shed, barn or garage? Before you do, call a SESCOS electrician to make sure your wiring is right and your project is up to code.


1. Baby, It’s Cold Outside

It’s cold and it’s dark. It’s the dead of Winter but you’ve got a project in your garage you really want to work on, or maybe you want to organize your garden tools before warm weather hits. Wiring in your outdoor building can make your life easier in many ways.

  • Instead of digging around for a flashlight, flick a switch and have the whole yard light up.
  • You can work comfortably in a warm space instead of shivering in a chilly, unheated one.
  • Turn that shed or trailer into a studio, an office or extra living space.
  • Run your power tools without worrying about the batteries.


2. Safety First

A well-lit workspace will make you feel safer when you venture out at night. Outdoor lighting makes your home more secure.

  • Consider motion-sensor lights that will turn on when you go outside.
  • Ask your SESCOS experts about LED lights, which are ideal for outdoor lighting.
  • Decide how much power you’re going to need in your shed or garage, and whether you’ll need a separate circuit panel.
  • Your SESCOS technician can give you expert advice on all of this.


3. Details, Details

The details matter in any electrical job, and all the more when you’re wiring an outside building. Check your local codes and consult an electrician to determine important technical questions.

  • If you’re putting in line-voltage cable, make sure it goes in at the proper depth.
  • You’ll need a watertight conduit and wiring designed for outdoor use.
  • If you’re running high-wattage equipment, you will probably need a sub-panel and a separate circuit.
  • Consult the National Electric Code to determine the sizes and types of wiring you need.


4. Proper Planning

A rushed or careless wiring job can lead to all kinds of disaster, from lights that don’t work to an electrical fire. You can avoid these mishaps by having one of SESCOS qualified electricians help you draw up the plans before you submit them for a permit.

  • SESCOS can plot out the pre-installation wiring or wire existing structures.
  • A qualified SESCOS technician can ensure that your wiring follows local safety regulations and codes.
  • Make sure you know where existing utility lines are before you start digging the trench for your cable.
  • SESCOS experienced electricians can put together a plan that will blow your mind, without blowing anything up.


5. Enjoy the Outdoors

Outdoor wiring can help you enjoy your patio, porch and backyard. Stop dragging out an annoying, dangerous extension cord when you want to hook up fans, heaters or that old stereo. Now you can just plug them into your brand-new, properly installed outdoor receptacles.

  • Keep a pump running in a fountain or pond.
  • Enjoy summer nights on a well-lit patio.
  • Store your classic or antique car in a climate-controlled garage.


Get the Help You Need

Wiring an outdoor building isn’t a complicated job, but it does require planning, and the best way to get started is to call SESCOS. We’ll walk you through the project and show you how quickly and easily it can get installed. Before you know it, you’ll be using that shed, garage or barn day and night, getting all those hobbies and projects done. Don’t wait for warm weather to start enjoying the great outdoors.

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