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Rewiring and Older Home

An old home can be charming in ways that newer homes just can’t match. In Virginia, we’re blessed with many historic homes that have been preserved and restored with their original craftsmanship intact.

But many older homes have a downside when it comes to electricity. Their older wiring can make them inconvenient and unsafe. Today’s electrical codes are much more stringent than the codes were 50 or 100 years ago. Older wiring can be weak and worn out, which is why electrical fires are the leading cause of destruction in older homes.

What’s the best way to renovate a home’s wiring? Follow these tips and when it’s time to upgrade, call SESCO for expert consultation on getting the job done right.

Permit First

Before you begin any electrical overhaul, you’ll need to get a permit from your local planning commission. This is especially true if you’re renovating a historic home. You’ll have to make sure that your plans align with the requirements of the historical commission or other governing board. SESCOS electricians have experience working with local permits and can help you with this process.

Appliance Overload

Most older homes are wired for 100 amps or fewer. That’s not enough for the many appliances and electronic devices that most use. By contrast, modern homes generally have 200 amps. If you want to use your large appliances or devices in your older home, you might need to upgrade and install separate panels.

Overhaul or Upgrade?

Renovating a home’s electrical wiring doesn’t necessarily mean replacing the entire system. If the wiring in certain sections is still in good shape, you can leave it alone. Aim to replace the wiring that’s worn out or nonfunctional. Always consult with a knowledgeable, professional electrician and put safety first.

Wiring or Wireless?

Wireless systems have become more advanced. They’re a great option for an older home as you can now install automated features to run wirelessly. This is a great upgrade to your home that will also help prevent overloading the home’s wired system.

Renovate Right

To preserve the look of a historic home, use fixtures and switches that look historically accurate. You can use original fixtures if they’re in good shape or opt for reproductions.

Respect the Structure

Similarly, your goal should be to preserve as much of the original building’s structure as you can. Naturally, anything that’s rotted or weak should be replaced, but for the most part, aim to preserve rather than replace. This is also true of the wiring. An electrician with experience in renovations will understand how to improve the system with as little disturbance to the building’s original wiring as possible.

Beware the Breakers

In some older homes, the breakers still work fine, but they can’t handle heavy use. Try to limit the number of outlets powered by an individual breaker. That will prevent circuit overload.

Call SESCOS for Expert Help

When it’s time to rewire your older building, call SESCOS for expert help. Our trained, licensed technicians can provide:

  • Decades of experience in electrical design and rewiring.
  • Expertise with electrical upgrades that respect the building’s history with a new eye to safety and convenience.
  • Smart automation to make your home more modern and convenient.
  • Safety upgrades and other innovations that increase your home’s resale value.
  • Dedicated service that has made us one of Loudoun County’s premier electrical service companies.

With SESCOS as your electrical partner, you can rest assured that your older home is rewired with skill and safety. We’ll clear the way for modern convenience while respecting the home’s character and integrity. Call SESCOS today for all your electrical needs.

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