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Keep Kids Safe Around Outlets

Electricity does a lot for you. You couldn’t turn on the lights, use your computer, or even make a cup of coffee without a steady, reliable flow of energy. Like any powerful force, however, it can also be dangerous. Our bodies contain a lot of water, and that water is a great conductor for electricity. It’s always a smart move to treat electricity with respect, and it’s never too soon to teach kids to stay safe.

Why Child Safety Matters

What are the most common causes of electricity-related injuries in the home?

• Using electrical devices close to sinks, bathtubs, and other water sources
• Handling cords and plugs with wet hands
• Babies and toddlers playing with outlets
• Incorrect wiring
• Misuse of extension cords

Protecting your children from electricity is important, and it doesn’t take a lot of time or cost a lot.

Secure Unused Outlets

If your house has outlets you aren’t using for any reason, seal them. This is a good protective measure that will also help you save money. Open outlets can cause you to lose airflow and drive up your energy bills. You can use insulating foam to seal them shut. Spray foam is a simple tool that most DIYers can use themselves. You could also just move your furniture so that it blocks the outlets.

Use Plug Protectors

Plug protectors are a popular way to seal outlets from prying little fingers. There are three types of outlet cover you can buy.

Plastic plugs: These plugs are easy to use. You simply slide them into the outlet like a cord to cover the holes. The only problem with these is that some children quickly learn how to remove them.

What’s worse, they may try to put the plastic plugs in their mouths. Some safety experts consider them a choking hazard for this reason. These outlets are a viable choice if you currently have nothing, but it’s smart to consider longer-lasting alternatives.

Sliding outlet covers: If your outlet only gets occasional use, keep it safe with a sliding cover. This type of cover has a retractable face you can slide over when you want to use the outlet. When you’re finished, the cover snaps back into place to cover the holes securely. This cover requires installation with a screwdriver.

Box outlet cover: A box outlet cover is ideal for outlets you use frequently. The box shape forms a protective shield around the outlet and the plugs. Some come with a locking feature for extra security. These boxes are large and bulky, but they do an excellent job of protecting plugs and cords.

Teach Your Kids These Basic Tips

There are many ways electricity can be a hazard to children. Fortunately, you can help keep them safe by making sure they follow these basic safety rules. They’re good safety tips for the whole family to learn:

• Never put fingers in an outlet
• Stay away from downed power lines
• Never use an electrical device near a water source
• Keep electrical cords away from sinks and bathtubs
• Unplug every electrical device after you use it
• Don’t climb on or near power poles
• Replace worn-out power cords

SESCOS Is Here for Safety

At SESCOS, we know how important electrical safety is because we work with it every day. If you need help installing outlet covers, replacing old outlets, or anything else, contact us. We are here to help your family enjoy electrical power safely.

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