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Top Generators You Should Consider in 2021

Buying a standby generator for your home or business is one of the best investments you can make. When you’re ready to buy your new generator, call SESCOS for expert advice and fast, safe installation.

Today’s generators come with advanced features that make them fuel-efficient, quiet, and responsive. Here are our choices for the top three generators you can buy in 2021.

Generac 7043

Generac is a well-known name in generators. The new 7043 uses air cooling and a powerful engine to deliver power when you need it.

This generator has three removable sides for easy installation and maintenance. This large, powerful generator is a good choice for large homes with many appliances and devices.

  • Huge capacity with 22,000 watts on liquid propane and 19,500 watts on natural gas.
  • Multilingual LCD control panel.
  • Durable, weatherproof aluminum casing.
  • Automatic self-tests.
  • True power technology delivers power seamlessly to sensitive electronics.
  • Note: This generator does not come with a battery. You must purchase the Generac 7043 5819 battery separately.

Cummins RS20AC

This smaller residential generator runs quietly. It is small enough to be installed near your home. The Cummins can keep most of your major items running.

This generator has a powerful engine and weatherproof casing. It continuously monitors your power levels to start automatically when you need it.

  • Operates on natural gas or liquid propane supply.
  • Performance in temperatures as low as -4 F.
  • Can start and run any air conditioning system.
  • Flexible settings allow you to conserve energy and reduce engine wear.
  • Comes with remote monitoring.
  • Note: This quiet, affordable generator is a good choice for smaller homes or those without a lot of appliances. It may not be powerful enough for a larger house.

Kohler 20RESCL

Another great name in generators, Kohler promises durability and reliability.

This generator houses a 20,000-watt air-cooled engine that starts up automatically. Its corrosion-resistant casing makes it suitable for any environment, including the most extreme weather conditions.

  • Powers on in 10 seconds.
  • Weatherproof and corrosion-proof casing.
  • Runs on liquid propane or natural gas.
  • Online monitoring with text alerts.
  • Polymer base doesn’t require a concrete pad.
  • Note: Although this large, powerful generator comes with silencing features, it is still somewhat noisy. For this reason, it’s a better choice for industrial settings than for residential use.

Look for These Advanced Features

Liquid cooling: Liquid cooling ensures your generator will work for an extended time.

Low-CO2 engine: A modern generator engine should have no levels of CO2 emissions. Today’s generators come with built-in protections against CO2.

Automatic startup: You don’t want to worry about your house or business sitting around with no power. Whether you’re home or note, your generator will start as soon as it senses a power drop.

Choose Professional Installation and Maintenance

SESCOS sells, installs, and maintains a wide range of generator brands. When you’re ready to add a generator, talk to us. We’ll help you select the size and type that’s best for your home and business. Our experts will install it safely and provide regular maintenance to ensure safe, reliable operation.

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