Do You Need an Electrician to Install a Wallbox Charger?

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Do You Need an Electrician to Install a Wallbox Charger?

Wallbox chargers are the latest innovation in the electric vehicle industry. Is it time you bought one?

What Is a Wallbox Charger?

It’s a charging unit that delivers more power than a standard three-pin plug socket. Before we continue, here’s a note about the name. In the United Kingdom, the term “wallbox charger” refers to any high-powered home charger that can be used for an electric vehicle (EV). Here in the U.S., Wallbox is the brand name of a company that makes smart charging stations for home, business, and local government use.

Wallbox was the first company to develop a bidirectional DC charger for home use. Named the Quasar, it was launched in Europe in 2020 and is now available here.

Do You Need a Wallbox Charger?

If you plan to or already have an EV, you probably need a Wallbox or another high-speed charger. You can charge your EV in a standard three-pin plug, but it can take a long time. If your car requires regular high-speed charging, a three-pin socket won’t be able to keep up. Constantly pulling higher power for hours at a time can weaken the socket, and that can be dangerous.

Electric Car Charging

Most EV owners charge their cars at home. This is one way that an EV can save you time and money. You can’t fill up a gas or diesel car at home, but a Wallbox charger makes it easy to refuel your EV at home.

High-powered chargers are the best choice for your home EV station. Because they offer souped-up charging speeds, they get your EV road-ready in the fastest time possible.

Choosing the Right EV Charger

When you’re choosing wall chargers, consider these questions.
• How much power do you need? The higher the power you get, the more the charger will cost.
• What charging level do you need? Chargers come in three levels. For most homes, level 2 is the right choice.
• Where will you place it? You can find freestanding driveway models or one you hang on a wall.
• Do you want smart features? Set a timer to make sure your charger starts at the same time every day, or use a phone app to start the charger from any location.

If you’re interested in a Wallbox, it comes in two models: the Quasar 2 and the Pulsar Plus.

Pulsar Plus

The Pulsar Plus is a compact charger designed for fast, easy installation and a lower price point. It features:

• 240-volt level 2 charging
• Smart connection through the myWallbox app
• Voice control
• Wireless-free onboard controls

Quasar 2

This bidirectional charger will keep the power on, even during a power outage. With vehicle-to-home or vehicle-to-grid functions, is an excellent alternative to a generator. It features:

• Powerful EV charging and discharging
• Compact, lightweight design
• Blackout mode to power your home during an outage
• Solar charging compatibility
• Wifi, ethernet, and Bluetooth connectivity
• Smart connection through the myWallbox app

Do You Need an Electrician to Install a Wallbox Charger?

Installing an EV charger in your home should be left to professionals. You depend on your EV charger, and you need to be sure it’s set up safely. If you’ve decided to go with a Wallbox, count on SESCOS for fast, expert installation. Whether you’re a home or business, we offer solutions for every electrical problem.

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