Parking Lot Lighting – Retrofitting with LED

Parking Lot LED Retrofitting

Retrofitting with LED Lighting

Parking lots serve obvious purposes but when it comes to making first impressions the parking area can set the stage for customer satisfaction.  In this post we will review one particular element of parking lots – lighting, specifically lighting retrofitting with LED (Light Emitting Diodes).

When it comes to lighting your parking lot, you probably have four key concerns in mind:

  • Safety
  • Reliability
  • Ease of Use
  • Cost

Fortunately, there’s a solution that addresses all of these concerns. By switching to LED lighting, you’ll transform that dim, shadowy parking lot into a bright oasis and save money in the process.

Businesses across the country and the world are discovering that green LED solutions won’t just help save the planet—they’ll also help businesses save money. LED retrofitting is a cost-saving upgrade that will pay for itself quickly and many times over.


  • Brighter lighting means better visibility.
  • Customers and workers will feel safer in a brightly-lit lot.
  • Light output never dims, even after years of use.
  • Unlike mercury or fluorescent bulbs, LED lights contain no toxic chemicals.
  • Better lighting can reduce your liability.


  • Many LED lights last 10 years or longer, even with continuous daily use.
  • Energy Star-certified LED lights can last even longer.
  • LED systems have longer warranties than traditional light systems.
  • No flickering or dimming with LED lights.

Ease of Use

  • Once installed, LED lights are “set it and forget it.”
  • LED lights are waterproof and impervious to temperature changes.
  • Many have an automatic shutoff and other programs.
  • Dimming is a snap with LED lights.


  • LED lights use a fraction of the power needed to run mercury vapors, halogen or any other type of lighting.
  • The fixtures and poles are low-cost, and the cost of these, plus installation, get paid back many times over in savings.
  • A complete commercial lighting retro can pay for itself within five years or sooner.
  • Tax incentives may be available for using green LED solutions.
  • One industry association found that the average business could save thousands of dollars in parking lot costs every year and pay back a complete retrofit in 2 years.
  • There are almost no maintenance costs.

Get Started

Ready to join the green LED revolution? It’s easy when you pick up the phone and call Southern Electrical Service Company.

We’ll help you work out the right plan for your business and your budget, and we’ll install it from top to bottom. We’ll add any extra features you want and make sure you’re able to use it right away.

A safe, well-lit parking lot will make your business more inviting and make your workers, customers, and visitors feel more secure. With an LED lighting system, the lights are always one and brighter lighting means more visibility and more safety. A commercial lighting retrofit is a cost-saving upgrade that will pay for itself many times over.

Get Green

Lowered energy costs will make you a good neighbor, free up money to invest in your business, and save you thousands of dollars in the years ahead.

At Southern Electrical Service Company, our technicians have the skill, knowledge, and experience to transform your business with green lighting solutions that work with your layout and your budget. Call us today; we’ll help you make the switch to a brighter, greener future.




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