Ready for Summer – Think Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Image of large outdoor living space with ceiling fan

Get Ready for Summer with an Outdoor Ceiling Fan

One of the best ways to spend a sunny day is sitting on your patio, kicking back and relaxing as you listen to music, read a book, or catch up with a good friend. To make it perfect, throw in a frosty pitcher of lemonade or iced tea and the cool breezes from a ceiling fan turning overhead. If that sounds like your idea of a heavenly summer day, get ready for it with a new ceiling fan.

Ceiling fans keep you cool indoors and out, and they add an attractive look to any outdoor space. At SESCOS, you can find ceiling fans in a large variety of styles, and we’re currently running a special on ceiling fan installation. Whether you buy it from us or somewhere else, we’ll be happy to install it at a special low price.

Choose an Outdoor-Rated Fan

Outdoor ceiling fans are quite different from indoor ceiling fans. Typically, they’re made from durable, water-resistant materials and decorated with rust-proof paints.

Fans designed for outdoor use come in two ratings.

• Damp-rated fans can stand up to humidity and occasional moisture. They should not be exposed directly to the elements, but they’re perfect for a covered porch, garage, pool house, sunroom, or bathroom.
• Wet-rated fans can safely be exposed to outdoor elements. You can use one in a patio, deck, cabana, gazebo, or outdoor dining area.

Choose the Right Size

A fan’s sweep tells you how much air it can move through a room. Choosing the right size is important. You want a cool, gentle breeze, not a loud, uncomfortable blast of air.

When you buy a fan, check the diameter to get the sweep you need. Here are some good rules of thumb for choosing sweep size:

• A 36-inch fan will cool a space up to 75 square feet.
• One 42-inch fan will cool a room that’s up to 140 square feet.
• A 44-inch fan will cool rooms up to 225 square feet.
• A 52-inch fan will cool a room of 400 square feet.
• If your patio or sunroom is more than 500 square feet, you should install two large fans with at least 42-inch sweeps.

Add Style

Today’s ceiling fans are stylish and attractive. Look for these added features that add to their functionality.

Lighting: Choose a ceiling fan with lights, so you can stay outdoors when evening falls.

Speed: Most ceiling fans have three-speed settings. When the sun sets and the evening gets cooler, you can adjust the fan speed to suit your needs. Reverse speed settings are an excellent feature that will help you use your outdoor ceiling fans year-round.

Remote: A remote is convenient, and it allows you to spend more time relaxing with your feet up instead of getting up to use a manual switch.

Get It Installed Safely

Once you’ve chosen your fan, installation is the next step. Contact SESCOS to see our great selection of outdoor ceiling fans. Make sure to take advantage of our great special on installation. We’ll get your ceiling fan up in time for those warm summer days.

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