Teaching Kids About Electrical Safety & Conservation

electrical safety and conservation with kids

Teach your Children well

Electrical dangers are no joke, and it’s never too soon to teach children how to be safe around electricity. While you’re at it, take this opportunity to teach your children how to conserve energy. Learn ways to make conservation a family adventure that lets your kids become planet-saving superheroes.

Start with Prevention

Before you start teaching your children to be safe around electricity, take some precautions.

  • Keep electrical cords out of children’s reach.
  • Install child-proof covers on all electrical outlets.
  • Teach children to ask for help anytime they want to use an electrical appliance.

Watch Those Wires

Downed wires, exposed wires, and frayed wires are all accidents waiting to happen. Teach your kids to stay away from them and to call for help if they encounter them.

  • Teach your kids to pull all electric items out by the plug rather than the cord. This is a good rule for the whole family to follow.
  • Take your children outside and show them the power lines. Tell them that they must never go near them or climb trees that are near them.
  • Instruct children to leave all downed wires alone. Make sure they know how to call emergency services if they see an electrical fire or downed wires.

Stay Safe Around Water

If your children regularly play outside in the pool or other outdoor areas that are wired, make sure they know that water and electricity should never mix. Install ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI) on all outdoor electrical outlets. In addition, try the following ideas.

  • Find books or websites that explain electricity and its dangers to children.
  • Take your children to a science museum where they can learn about the power and danger of electricity while having fun.
  • Teach them to dry their hands carefully before touching anything that’s plugged in.

Super Savers

Are your kids ready to become “super savers” of the planet and the family electric bill? Children enjoy feeling that they’re part of a big adventure. Let them participate in green activities by using some of the following ideas.

  • Teach your children to appreciate nature and the outdoors by taking trips to local parks, nature preserves, and national parks. Many of these places have activities aimed at children.
  • Encourage your children to ride their bikes or walk to nearby locations.
  • Keep a chart and track how many energy-saving ideas each child can come up with, and offer a prize to the winner.
  • When you do something that conserves energy, explain to your kids what you’re doing and why. Examples might be washing dishes by hand, unplugging devices that aren’t being used and reusing paper.
  • Give each child a recycling bin for their room. Explain what they can throw in it and why it’s a great idea.
  • Let your kids help you wheel out the recycling bin. If you have to take it down a long driveway or street, pull it in a wheelbarrow and let them help.

Explore the World

The more children experience the beauty of nature, the more they’ll appreciate the need to recycle and conserve energy. Make it part of your family routine to learn more about the outside world.

  • Set up food and water stations for birds and wildlife in your yard.
  • Engage in volunteer conservation efforts as a family.
  • Watch nature-related shows together.

SESCOS Takes Safety Seriously

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