Integrate Portable Generator to Home Panel

Image of Storm Damaged Car - Electrical Power Outage Prepare with Backup Power Generators from SESCOS

power outage preparedness

With large storms approaching folks are in full preparation mode – that means stocking up on water, can goods and of course toilet paper. With the high probability of power outages, you want to ensure your backup power solution is ready to take on the load.

No matter what type of generator solution you use (whole home standby or portable gas-powered generator) the generator team at SESCOS can help.

portable power

Many homeowners rely on portable generators for backup power and there are plenty of good reasons for portable solutions.

  • Ease of use and maintenance
  • Generally run long and quietly
  • Relatively inexpensive solution
  • Wide selection of choices

Adding Manual Transfer Panel

Adding a manual transfer panel will expand the effective reach of most portable generators.  A manual transfer panel enables you to drive electrical backup power from your portable generator to your home. That means you will not have to rely on extension cords, rearranging your kitchen, and risk of electrocution.

SESCOS offers backup power solutions for all budgets starting at $1,700 for a manual transfer panel with installation and testing.  You bring your own generator and generator cords and we will take care of the rest of the process.

Switch on the Power of Experience

No matter the season, you can always count on inclement weather and the havoc of longterm power outages. The great news is you have options for disaster preparedness. Contact SESCOS for immediate service, installation, service, and maintenance.  Let us switch on the power of experience for your home generator solution!


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