Top Five Reasons To Replace Your Electrical Outlets

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Replace Your Electrical Outlets?

Do you need to replace your outlets? Here are some key reasons to consider getting new outlets. If you need help to install the new ones, call SESCOS. We can put them in safely and quickly.

1. The Contacts Are Worn Out

Does your outlet feel loose when you plug something in? If your plug doesn’t seem to fit snugly into the outlet, check the device. The plug might be bent. If it isn’t, try plugging something else in. If you have the same problem, you could have outlets with worn-out contacts.

Worn, loose contacts are not a joke. They can cause missed electrical connections that cause arcing. Arcing is a major cause of house fires. If you have outlets with loose contacts, replace them immediately.


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2. They’re Old-Fashioned

Vintage is fine for fashion, but it’s not great for your outlets. If your outlets belong to a long-lost historical era, they are probably outdated. Outdated outlets can’t handle the needs of most modern households. Here, replacing them is the best option.

Those older outlets might be unsafe. If they have only two holes instead of three, they may be ungrounded. Ungrounded circuits are rare, but you can still find them in some older homes. Don’t take chances. If your outlets are unsafe, it’s time to replace them.

3. You Want To Add Smart Outlets

Do you want peace of mind when you’re away from home? Would you like to never wonder if you turned something off or unplugged it? Would you like to save on your monthly energy bill?

With wireless outlets, you can do all that. These smart outlets can monitor and control appliances from anywhere. These smart outlets allow you to turn lights, appliances, heaters, and electronic items on and off even when you’re not home. They let you stop phantom load from driving up your energy bill. Hook them up to your home voice assistants and smart systems.


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4. The Covers Are Cracked or Missing

Cracked or broken outlet covers look unattractive, but that’s not the only reason to replace them. Cracks and holes allow dirt and dust to get into the outlet. This can cause serious problems for your electrical system.

Dust can damage connection ports and wires. Dust and debris in your outlets can also pile up on your delicate electronic equipment. If the cover is missing or broken, you may already have dust on the wiring. To be on the safe side, replace the entire outlet.

5. They Get Too Hot

Do you see soot marks around the outlet? It could be dirt, or it could be an overheated outlet.

Smoke, fireplaces, and burning candles can leave soot marks on an outlet. The best way to tell if your outlet is overheating is to touch the screws on the wall plate. If they feel hot, your outlet is overheating.

An overheating outlet can cause damage to your insulation and inside wiring. It’s also a major shock and fire hazard. Stop using those plugs until you replace the outlets.

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