Under Cabinet Lighting

Under cabinet lighting solutions by SESCOS in Leesburg VA

Installing Under-Cabinet Lights

If you’re tired of straining your eyes to do focused, hands-on work, consider installing under-cabinet lights. Under-cabinet lighting can be installed in one day and will bring you years of convenience and enjoyment. Most people who have them installed say they don’t know how they ever did without them.

Check out the many benefits of under-cabinet lights and then talk to SESCOS about quick, expert installation of your new lights.

Recipe Reading Made Easy

Stop struggling to read that recipe in a dull, dim light. If you’re trying to follow the directions on a printed card or from a book, the type is often small. Some recipes might have been handed down for generations and while they may be precious heirlooms, they may also be covered in spots and smudges that have dulled them.

Light them up with the flick of a bright, focused under-cabinet light that will make it easier to read those recipes, make your grocery list or read that statement.

Safer Slicing

When you’re in the kitchen, you’re often handling knives, blades from food processors, food peelers and other sharp objects. Make sure you can see well enough to use them safely. There’s no better way to put an abrupt end to your cooking fun than to suffer an injury.

The same is true if you frequently use saws, hammers and other potentially harmful tools in your workshop. Keep everyone in the kitchen or the tool room safe with bright lighting.

Looking Good

Under-cabinet lights add a warm glow to your kitchen that is attractive and inviting. The hard-wired installation also means that you won’t have messy wires cluttering up your cabinets and countertops. It’s a clean, fuss-free look that is also safer as it prevents things from catching on the loose wires.

Under-cabinet lights are available in various sizes and styles, so you can find fixtures that match your décor. Many of them come equipped with LED light bulbs, making them a low-maintenance, energy-saving option.

Electrical Considerations

Installing under-cabinet lights is a fairly fast, easy job for a skilled electrician. In just a few hours, you can have great-looking lights that will make your life easier day after day.

Under-cabinet lights don’t use a high amount of electricity, but as with any electrical installation, they do add to your home’s electrical load. You’ll have to make sure your electrical box can fit all this new wiring. If not, your electrician will need to install a larger one.

Plug-In or Hard-Wired?

To get a streamlined look, you should opt for hard-wired installation. This means removing part of the wall and the backsplash, running the wiring to a dedicated circuit and installing the fixtures on the cabinets.

Hard-wired installation is also the best choice if you have a large room or several areas to illuminate. Installed under-cabinet lights add value to your home as a highly desirable upgrade.

Plug-in installation is a fast and easy solution if you just need some extra lighting over one spot on a desk or countertop. It’s also a good choice if you’re renting your space and can’t make permanent changes.

Call SESCOS and Lighten Up

Don’t let dreary lighting take the fun out of your daily activities. Under-cabinet lights are an attractive addition to any kitchen or workspace that will brighten your workday and keep your family safer. Get started with a phone call to SESCOS. We’ll show you all your options, perform expert installation, planning, and wiring, and get you on your way to a brighter future.

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