What Is a Home Energy Management System?

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About Home Energy Management Systems

The term home energy management system, or HEMS, refers to any combination of hardware and software that allows a user to monitor, control, and automate their energy use.

Is a HEMS the Same as a Smart Hub?

You may already have a smart hub that controls and connects other smart elements in your home, including:

• Smart thermostats

• Smart lighting

• Smart plugs

• Smart appliances

A complete home energy system includes all these elements and more. It involves an entire system of sensors, software, operating systems, communications ports, and data storage. You may have some of these in your home already. A HEMS enhances their ability to work together.

What Do You Need to Set Up a HEMS?

A HEMS involves both hardware and software. The hardware is any device that works as a platform for communicating among all the elements. This can be installed on the home’s electrical board or wirelessly through an internet connection.

The software is responsible for gathering data, analyzing it, and watching the energy use of appliances and devices. It also supplies physical control of these appliances.

What Are the Advantages of a HEMS?

These systems make it easy to conserve energy. You’ll save money and reduce your home’s carbon emissions. These are worthy goals, and a HEMS can make it automatic to reach them. There are other benefits.

• More comfortable home: Your home will feel as cool or warm as you want it to feel because you’re using your available energy more efficiently.

• Less waste: A HEMS allows you to get control of energy-hogging devices.

• Renewable readiness: HEMS systems can work with solar, wind, or other sources of renewable energy. If you switch some or all your energy use to renewables, they ensure the power is distributed evenly.

Examples of Popular HEMS Systems for Home Use

Smart home technologies and the public’s focus on climate concerns have made these systems popular. According to a recent MarketWatch report, the market size for HEMS is expected to grow more than 8% every year. Here are some energy managers available for home use.

Home Energy by Sense: This system automatically finds devices in your home. A connected mobile app gives you feedback and updates on every appliance and device in your home. It also tracks your monthly energy use.

Smappee: This energy monitor uses real-time data, appliance recognition, and mobile app integration to help you understand your energy consumption in detail.

Engage by Efergy: This software platform works on a desktop or through an app. It comes with a budget feature to track your use according to the spending goals you’ve set. If you switch to solar power in the future, the solar-ready Engage will make the change with you.

Bosch Energy Manager: This system creates an energy hub that works through the Bosch Smart Home Controller. It is designed to work with homes that have solar panels and want efficient ways to distribute solar power.

Stay Smart with SESCOS

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