What Size Ceiling Fan Do You Need?

Ceiling Fan Size Matters

Finding the Perfect Sized Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans help the air circulate and cut down on your energy costs. They also add an attractive look to any room. It’s important to pick the right size that will deliver the cooling or warming you need in every room. If you want fast, safe installation of your ceiling fan, check out our ceiling fan special.

How Big Is the Room?

To know how big a fan you need, you must know the room’s square footage. Start by getting an accurate measurement. If the room is L-shaped or otherwise divided, measure the square footage of each part of the room, and add them up.


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How Big a Sweep Do You Need?

The sweep or span of a fan determines how much air a fan can move. When you shop for fans, check the fan’s diameter or sweep to know the size of its blades.

Which size of sweep do you need?

  • Rooms up to 140 square feet: Install a fan with a 42-inch sweep.
  • Rooms up to 225 square feet: Install a fan with a 44-inch sweep.
  • Rooms up to 400 square feet: Install fan with a 52-inch sweep.
  • Rooms over 500 square feet: Consider installing two fans with 44- or 52-inch sweeps.

How High Should Your Fan Be?

When you install a fan, you should know how low you want the fan to hang. You don’t want it so high you can’t feel the breeze, but you don’t want it low enough to be a potential danger to tall people.

Your ceiling fan should be at least seven feet from the floor. Your installation choice will also affect how low your fan hangs.


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Choose Your Installation Type

There are two types of fans, and each requires a different installation method.

Flush-mount fans: These “hug” the ceiling for a tight, close fit. They are best for rooms with low ceilings.

Downrod fans: These have a rod that lowers the fan from the ceiling. Downrod installation is best for tall ceilings and sloped ceilings. Downrods come in lengths ranging from 10 to 24 inches.

Do You Want Lights?

Many ceiling fans are also light fixtures. If you want to install ceiling fans that add illumination, look for fans with LED bulbs that don’t require frequent changing.

Add Controls

Although most fans have remote controls, it’s still important to include a pull chain or other manual control on your fan. Take the length of the pull chain into account when you measure how low the fan will hang.

Select Your Style

The style of fan you choose will affect its size and blade shape. Do you want a classic fan that goes with everything, or do you want a stylish fan that reflects your home’s decor?

Fans come in a huge array of styles, including contemporary, modern, traditional and industrial.

Get Help with Your Fan Installation

At SESCOS, we sell, maintain and install all types of ceiling fans. We’ll install your fans in your home, office or industrial space. We offer a great selection and a lifetime installation guarantee. Contact us to learn more.

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