Wiring for a Chandelier

Wiring for chandeliers by southern electrical in Leesburg VA

Add Sparkle with Chandeliers

Chandeliers add instant elegance to any room. They’re no longer just for ballrooms or soaring, two-story foyers, although they look great in both those classic settings. These days you’ll find chandeliers in bedrooms, living rooms, and even kitchens. Depending on the style you select, you can use a chandelier for an instant style upgrade that will make your whole room sparkle.

Selecting Chandeliers

Vintage and antique chandeliers are almost always made from lead crystal. Modern chandeliers can have crystals made of glass, baric crystal, lead crystal or acrylic. Colored or clear prisms give a sparkling, eye-catching look that is perfect for creating a romantic, luxurious look anywhere.

You can also find chandeliers that have prisms made from brass, aluminum or other metals. Metal chandeliers give a shiny industrial look to your décor and are a good choice for modern styles.

You can find chandeliers with prisms in a wide variety of materials including fabric, shells, feathers and other natural objects. In short, there is a chandelier to match any style.

Wiring for Chandeliers

Use the right box size. If you are replacing a ceiling fixture, make sure your electrical box is equipped to handle the heavier weight of the chandelier. You might need to have a SESCOS technician replace it with a heavier-duty one.

Check the wiring. Only use wiring that is indicated by the National Electric Code for fixtures.

Brace it. After you put in the new box, you’ll need to install a fan brace and then affix the brace and the new box to the bolt.

Make quick work of it. Installing a chandelier is fast, easy work for an experienced electrician. Let a licensed, knowledgeable SESCOS technician set your new fixture securely and safely into your ceiling.

Maintenance of Chandeliers

To keep your chandelier shining bright, regular cleaning is a must. Follow these tips for easy maintenance of this and other hanging fixtures.

Get the plan. Most chandeliers have a specific shape and pattern, formed by the size and shape of the individual crystals and how they are hung. Before you start to clean it, make sure to sketch a quick diagram or take a picture of the chandelier. This will come in handy if you need to take the chandelier apart and put it back together, or if the crystals drop off while you’re moving it.

Do it yearly. You should clean a glass, acrylic or crystal chandelier once a year. If the chandelier is particularly grubby, you will have to take it down and use soap and water to wash it. Use a mild soap, scrub gently and allow to air-dry.

Leave it hanging. There’s no need to remove the full chandelier unless it’s really dirty. Instead, use a ladder and climb up to it. It’s a good idea to place a large pillow or a pile of bedding underneath the chandelier to catch any pieces that might drop.

Use the right products. Never use rough, abrasive cleaners on a chandelier. Always use soft, thick cloths and a solution of alcohol and water.

Don’t turn it. Never turn the chandelier while you’re cleaning it. Move your ladder to walk around it instead. Turning the chandelier in its box can loosen the wiring and the bolts.

Change them out. While you’re cleaning it, change out any light bulbs that are flickering. If you’re using long-lasting LED bulbs, this is one worry you won’t have.

Get Sparking with SESCOS

If you want to add a pop of glamour to any room, a chandelier is an easy way to do it. Call SESCOS and let us install your chandelier safely and quickly. We’ll also install fans and other replacement fixtures. Get your lighting right with one call to SESCOS.

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