Wiring for Outdoor Sports Court

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Light Up Your Sports Courts

Outdoor courts can turn your yard into an exciting entertainment arena. Playing basketball, pickleball, tennis, or other sports on your own court is great, but does the fun end when the sun goes down? Outdoor wiring and the right lights can help you make the most of those long nights. Here are some tips for illuminating outdoor sports courts.

Choose Led Lights

There are many good reasons to rely on LED fixtures and light bulbs for any outdoor area.

They’re rugged: LED bulbs are rugged enough to take on the weather, wind, and the impact of flying balls. Look for bulbs and fixtures that are rated for outdoor use. They are an excellent choice for any outdoor sports court.

  • You’ll save money: It’s important to keep courts lit any time someone’s using them in the dark. That can rack up high energy bills.
  • Using LED lights will keep those bills low and help you conserve energy.
  • They’re convenient: LED bulbs last much longer than any other type of light bulb. They last for years, so you won’t have to venture into the cold and dark to change the bulbs.


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Cut the Glare

When choosing your lighting, it’s important to use lights that are free from glare. Glare on the ground, walls or balls will spoil all your fun. Look for lighting that emits an oval-shaped beam. This type is best at reducing glare.

Stay True to Color

Oen of the most important features of any light is how well it renders color. It’s especially important to see different colors at night, which is when players need sharp contrast between the ball and the ground. True color rendering helps players and audience members tell team colors apart and reduces eye strain on everyone.

Mix the Lighting

Balanced lighting is key to successful illumination. Outdoor courts need bright lighting that doesn’t create distracting shadows. The light must be evenly distributed. You can achieve that by mixing flood lighting with directed lighting. Choose pole lights for the corners of a court and floodlighting for the playing court or field. Use spotlights to direct players and fans to the court entrance. Your electrician can help you find the right blend of lighting types.

Don’t Forget Seating

If you’re going to illuminate your outdoor court, be sure to add lights to some seating areas. Let your friends and family watch the game in safety and comfort from a porch or courtside seating.

A gazebo will keep your audience protected from the rain and sun. Add hanging LED lights to the roof and walls of the gazebo. Create walkways between seating areas and courts, and place solar-powered LED lights along the paths.

Create an Outdoor Sports Bar

To really enjoy your evening sports, why not create an outdoor sports bar? Set up a covered cabana complete with a grill, refrigerator, bar, and seating area. Your fans can watch the games in comfort, and players can enjoy a meal or snack after the game.

If you’re adding these elements, you’ll need additional wiring and circuitry to run the grill, refrigerator, and other appliances. Talk to your electrical contractor about safe ways to add outdoor circuits.


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Get Professional

There are many creative ways to add lighting that brightens up your outdoor areas. To get great-looking lights and professional results, talk to the electricians at SESCOS. We can help you plan your lighting scheme, run the wiring and install your fixtures. Contact us for all your electrical needs.

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