Wiring Radiant Heat Panels

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All About Radiant Heat Panels

Radiant heat panels can bring warmth to chilly basement rooms, additions and other areas that need a little extra heat. If you’re thinking about installing some, proper installation and wiring are critical.

What Are Radiant Heat Panels?

They are systems you mount on the wall or ceilings to add heat to a room. A system comprises an aluminum panel that uses electricity or hot water tubing to transmit heat.

Don’t confuse radiant heat panels with radiant floor heating. That’s a whole-house heating system. Radiant panels are wall-mounted panels that you use to heat single rooms.

Five Things to Know About Radiant Heat Panels

1. They Are Safer than Space Heaters

Radiant panels are safer than standalone space heaters, radiators or propane heaters.
Wall-mounted panels mean there are no wires or plugs to worry about on the floor. This makes them especially useful in damp rooms.

2. They Are Attractive

You can install radiant heat panels behind your wall or ceiling, creating a hidden source of warmth. This gives you the benefit of heat in a room without creating a cluttered appearance.

You can also buy radiant heat panels that are meant to be seen. These come in a huge variety of styles, colors, and shapes. You can choose finishes that look like solid marble, solid chrome, colored tile or even a picture.

3. They Heat Quickly

Radiant heat panels heat quickly. Under normal circumstances, you will feel the warmth in under 10 minutes. The heat reaches everything that’s within four or five feet of the panel. This allows you to feel warm no matter where you’re standing or sitting in the room.

4. They Provide a Comfortable Environment

  • Steady, even heat. Radiant heat panels transmit heat evenly through the room by warming the objects in the room. You will feel warm even if the air is still cool.
  • Silent operation. You never hear a radiant system turn on. You’ll never hear it humming, banging or shaking.
  • No allergic reactions. With no ductwork or vents, radiant heat does not stir up dust, dust mites or allergens in the air. People who suffer from allergies, asthma or other respiratory problems breathe easier with radiant heat.

5. They Can Be Expensive to Buy and Operate

Because they rely on electricity, radiant heat panels can be costly to buy, install and operate. They are energy efficient when they’re in use, however, because they waste almost no heat through tubes or ducts. Since they’re individually controlled, you can save money by turning them off when the room isn’t in use.

This makes them a good choice for rooms you don’t use year-round or those that don’t get enough heat from the main system. Radiant panels are a good choice for basements or additions, for outdoor sheds that need extra warmth in the wintertime, for a pool house or for an outdoor deck that you’d like to use on the occasional cold day.

Do Radiant Panels Make Sense for You?

If you have a room or a section of your house that occasionally needs a boost of warmth, a radiant panel is a safer and more attractive option than a space heater.

Wiring and Installation of Radiant Heat Panels

The amount of work required to install your panels depends on whether you want them hidden behind your walls or wall-mounted in plain view. Installing hidden panels will require taking down your drywall and rewiring the walls.

For wall-mounted panels, verify that the outlet is supplying the correct voltage to the heating panel. If the radiant panel is going into a new addition or basement, have an electrician install the outlet and verify that your house can take the additional load. You may need to install a new box.

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