Wonders of Ceiling Fan with Remote

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What’s New with Ceiling Fan Remotes

You already know ceiling fans can help you lower your energy bills, make your house comfortable and add an attractive decorating element. Today’s ceiling fans, however, do all that and more. With smart remotes, you can get total control of your lights and ceiling fans. Here’s what is new in the world of ceiling fan remotes.

Control Fans Speed and Dimming

New remote controls allow you to control your fan speeds and create preset buttons with your preferred combination of fan speed, fan direction, and light levels. They work with dimmers and all fan types. The best part about these remotes is that most of them work on fans you’ve already installed.

Wireless Smart Control

Universal remotes allow you to pair wireless control with any smart home app, including Amazon Echo or Google Home. Use your smartphone or tablet to control fan speed, light dimming, and other features of your fans. Best of all, you can do it from home or from a distance. One example of this is the Bond Minka Aire, which is compatible with Minka Aire and other fans.

Smart Sensors

Some new fan remotes come with temperature sensors that automatically turn your fan on or off according to the ambient temperature. Select the temperature you want to trigger the fan, adjust the fan speed, and change fan direction at the touch of a button. The Quorum International 2-Wire Canopy is a remote control that fits inside the fan canopy.

Wifi Receivers

Remotes like the FanSync Wifi Receiver come with built-in wifi receivers ready to hook up to your wireless devices. The receiver connects to the fan, lighting element, and your wireless system for full integration. Use your tablet or smartphone to set lighting levels, control fan speeds, and more. This is a universal remote setup that will work with any fan.


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Bluetooth Integration

Use Bluetooth connectivity to control your fan. These remotes allow you to adjust the fan’s position, speed, and lighting levels. Fansync by Fanimation is an example of a high-tech remote control that integrates seamlessly with Bluetooth technology.

Wifi Wall Unit

Mounting a wifi receiver to your wall is an easy way to turn your phone into a remote-control device. It attaches to your wall and integrates with any wireless device. Wall-mounted remotes keep your home clutter-free. They also mean you never have to hunt for a missing remote.

All-In-One Functionality

Get everything you want in one package with a wall-mounted remote that combines Bluetooth integration, wireless technology, and six fan speeds. The 6-Speed Wireless Bluetooth Remote Control with Wall Cradle from WAC Lighting combines all this convenience into one easily mounted package.


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