5 reasons to add a Smart Smoke & CO2 Detector

image of Smart smoke and O2 detectors installed by SESCOS

Five Reasons to Get Smart Detectors Installed

Smoke and carbon dioxide detectors can save your life, but only if they’re hooked up and operating properly. Now you can ensure your family’s safety with automated smoke and carbon dioxide detectors that are integrated into your home automation system.

SESCOS currently offers a special on sales and installation of smart smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, so now you can upgrade to the latest technology while saving money. Here are the top five reasons you should make the switch today.

1. Fires are More Frequent in Cooler Weather

With fall and winter on the way, you might not be giving much thought to your alarm systems. But in fact, this is the time of year when fires are more frequent. Part of the reason is the cold weather. You’re more likely to be using appliances like dryers, hair dryers, and other high-wattage items. Winter weather also means more in-room heaters.

Then there are the holidays, which means illuminated Christmas trees, frequent use of fireplaces and holiday lights. According to the National Fire Protection Association, the holidays are the most dangerous time of year for home fires. Not only are fires more frequent, but they are also more damaging and more costly.

2. Smart Detectors Work Even if You’re Not Home

If you’re not home when your smoke detector or carbon dioxide monitor starts beeping, you won’t be protected unless the detector notifies the local fire department. Most smoke detectors don’t, however.

With a smart detector, you’ll receive an alert through your smartphone every time your smoke detector or carbon monoxide detector are activated. If there is no reply to the alert, the smart detector automatically notifies local emergency services. Smart detectors allow you to feel secure that your home is being monitored and protected, even when you’re not there.

3. Detectors Work Better When They’re Part of a System

Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors offer good protection, but they only alert you to danger. They don’t do anything to ensure that you’ll be able to notify emergency services or get out of your home safely.

When integrated with a smart home system, smart detectors can do much more. In addition to sounding alerts, they can alert the fire department, turn off your HVAC system and automatically unlock all the doors. As part of an automated home system, your integrated detectors can do more to protect you.

4. Smart Detectors Use More Advanced Technology

There are two types of technology used to sense the presence of fires. Hard-wired smoke detectors use ionization technology, which senses the presence of flames. The newer technology uses photoelectric sensors, which senses fires when they are in the smoldering stage before they burst into flames.

Most fire safety experts agree that to really protect your home, smoke detectors should use both types of sensors. The best smart sensors use both technologies to make sure they detect both types of danger before a fire starts.

5. Smart Sensors are Maintenance-Free

Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors won’t work if their batteries are dead or they’re not working properly. Fire statistics find that half of all deadly home fires occur in homes where the smoke detector needed a new battery.

Smart sensors fix this problem by performing regular self-tests. They test their sensors, sound volume, wireless connection, and other factors, and they do it silently. You don’t need to worry about when and if the battery needs replacing or constantly remind yourself to check that the detectors are working. You and your family can be confident that your detectors are wired and working properly.

Stay Smart, Stay Safe

With all the benefits you get from home automation, why not make home protection a key part of your smart home? Smart home detectors can do more to keep you safe than your current detectors. With SESCOS current special, now is a great time to upgrade to more security. Call SESCOS today and get started.

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