Benefits of Wall Mounted Fans

Image of wall mounted fan in room

About Wall Mounted Fans

Wall mounted fans come in a range of sizes and styles. You can find small fans that cool a single room and large fans that keep your factory floor breezy. Here are some good reasons to consider wall-mounted fans as part of your cooling system.

Save Space

Wall fans don’t take up any floor space. That makes them ideal for spaces where you need to move freely, like gyms, garages, or workshops. If you have a vaulted ceiling or a factory ceiling, ceiling fans are difficult to install. Wall-mounted fans are an excellent alternative.

Stay Safe

Wall fans don’t leave wires on the floor that can trip you. They reduce the chances of children or pets getting caught in the wires or blades. Wall mounting leaves your floors clear.

Excellent Air Circulation

While ceiling fans push air down, wall mounted fans push air through space. You can send cooling breezes in one direction or direct the fan to oscillate. Wall fans are excellent at moving cool air through rooms and removing warm air. You’ll feel fresh and cool in a room with wall-mounted fans.

Stay Cool Outdoors

Wall-mounted fans are a good choice for outdoor patios and decks. The lack of outdoor wires reduces the risk of electrical shock. Always choose wet-rated fans for outdoor use.

Great for Greenhouses

Plants in greenhouses and grow rooms need regular air circulation. The air helps maintain even temperatures, provide ventilation and prevent plant rot. All plants need ventilation, and some flowering plants specifically need regular breezes to grow.

Stay Cool and Dry

Wall-mounted fans are excellent at drying sweat from skin. You will feel cool and dry in a room with wall fans. They are ideal for basements, gyms, and recreation rooms.

Commercial Uses

Wall-mounted fans are excellent in commercial settings. If you have a restaurant or other business with an outdoor deck, a fan will keep the temperature comfortable for your employees and customers. Wall-mounted fans also help keep bugs away. Choose wet-rated fans to avoid corrosion and electrical shock.

If you have a large industrial space, consider wall-mounted fans that disperse water while they circulate air. These will help keep customers and workers cool, even on blistering days.

Tips for Choosing a Wall Fan

Size: The size of your wall fan is the most important thing to consider. In a large room, consider adding two fans on adjoining walls. You’ll get circulation and cross-ventilation to produce a wonderfully cooling effect.

Speed: Speed determines how strongly the fan will blow. High speed produces strong breezes, but fast fans can be noisy. If you’re using the fan in a residential setting, choose low or medium speed for quiet operation. Large industrial settings may need high-speed fans.

Additional features: Look for fans that have remote controls, noise-reducing blades, energy-saving features, variable speeds, and programmable settings.

Style: Wall-mounted fans come in a variety of styles and colors to suit every setting. You can find rugged, heavy-duty fans for your garage or factory. Fans in various colors and sleek styling will add a stylish touch to your residential rooms or offices.

Get Help Installing Wall Mounted Fans

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