Commercial Building Electrical Renovation

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Seven Electrical Upgrades for Commercial Buildings

Is your commercial building getting along in years? Are you moving your business into an older building? When you’re dealing with electrical wiring, there are some renovations you should consider. Here are seven electrical upgrades that will improve the efficiency and safety of your commercial or industrial space.

1. New Breaker Panels

Commercial buildings use high amounts of electricity. Your business relies on heavy-duty machinery and high-wattage equipment. This puts enormous stress on your electrical system. To keep everything running the way it should, consider upgrading your breaker panels.

An old building might have breaker panels that can no longer handle the electrical load you need. New panels have more safety features and are usually more energy-efficient than old ones.

2. Generators

Every industrial or commercial facility needs a generator. An industrial generator will hook up directly to your electrical system and switch on automatically if the power goes out. A generator can keep you operational, even if storms and transformer problems cause power outages in your area.


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If your business is in an area with a failing electrical grid or frequent power outages, a generator is a must. You can find one that runs on propane, gas, or diesel fuel. An industrial or commercial generator requires professional installation. A SESCOS electrician can help you select the right one, install it, and maintain it.

3. Lighting Fixtures

Are your industrial building’s lighting fixtures old and worn out? New lighting can transform your space. When you replace your lighting, consider switching to LED lighting.

LED lighting is ideal for commercial installations.

There are good reasons to switch:

  • LED lights cut your electric bills.
  • They require almost no maintenance.
  • They tolerate harsh environments.
  • LEDs last for years before needing to change.
  • You can buy LED lighting fixtures to fit any office space, warehouse, or other commercial installation.

LEDs are an excellent alternative to fluorescent and traditional light bulbs. They are an inexpensive, high-impact upgrade to your commercial space.

4. New HVAC System

Your heating and air conditioning use high levels of energy. They also account for some of your biggest monthly costs. A new system may have a high upfront cost, but it can save you a lot of money in the future. New systems are highly energy efficient. They’ll cut your energy bills.

Use your upgrade efforts to install smart technology for even more savings. You’ll have the ability to control thermostats with timers and other smart systems.

5. Capacity Upgrades

If your business has grown or you’re expanding into a new space, you may need to upgrade your building’s load capacity. When you start to expand beyond the current setup, you risk overloading the current system. This is dangerous because overloads can lead to power outages, electrical fires, and other serious problems.


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Ask your electrician to change the configuration of your electrical wiring. This is also a good time to examine your circuit breaker box and replace it if necessary.

6. New Outlets

Be sure to put “install more outlets” on your electrician’s to-do list. You need outlets for your machinery and equipment, but don’t forget computers, printers, and office lights. Most industrial plants, commercial buildings, and homes built 50 or more years ago probably don’t have nearly enough outlets. This is a good time to upgrade your existing outlets while you’re at it.


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7. Regular Inspections and Maintenance

You may not think of this as an upgrade, but regularly scheduled maintenance is one of the best ways to keep your electrical system working. Schedule regular inspections of your plugs, cords, wiring, and electrical equipment. Instruct your employees on electrical safety.

Your employees should:

  • Report any worn outlets or frayed electrical cords.
  • Avoid using extension cords.
  • Leave electrical repairs to professionals.

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You depend on your electrical wiring to keep your business running. At SESCOS, we can provide all the upgrades and renovations of your commercial building needs. Contact us today to learn how we can keep all your systems up to date.

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