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Do You Need More Specialty Circuits?

Are you finding that turning one appliance on turns off another? Does it seem like your breakers are always tripping? You might need to install specialty circuits to run everything in your house. Here are some areas where you might need a dedicated specialty circuit.

What Is a Dedicated Circuit?

In the National Electrical Code (NEC), a dedicated circuit is known as an “individual branch circuit.” It’s another word for what we commonly call a dedicated circuit.

Every home has a central electrical panel that distributes power through several circuit breakers. This allows electrical power to be distributed evenly without overloading one particular circuit. Circuit breakers are designed to “trip” or cut off in case of a power overload.

Some appliances and devices require their own circuits. They may use large amounts of power, or they may be sensitive devices that will be damaged by a power surge. A circuit that supports a particular appliance or set of devices is known as a dedicated circuit. A dedicated circuit allows these appliances to get the energy they need without tripping the circuit breaker.


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How To Find Dedicated Circuits in Your House

How do you know which circuits in your house are considered dedicated or specialty circuits?

You can typically get that information from the labels on your electrical box. Some electricians apply labels to each circuit showing which appliance it belongs to. Others, however, apply labels by the room the appliance is in. Ask an electrician to help you figure out which circuits are dedicated to which appliances and devices.

Another way to check is to test your outlets. Electricians use tools called tick-tracers or voltmeters to measure the amount of power in a circuit.


Large appliances need their own circuits to handle the massive amounts of power they use. Most homes need a dedicated circuit for each large appliance in their kitchen, for instance.

Large appliances that need dedicated circuits include:

Sensitive Devices

Computers, tablets, televisions, and cell phones are highly sensitive to power shifts. They can be permanently damaged by overloads and uneven power distribution.

If you have sensitive electronics, using a dedicated circuit will protect them from power surges. The same is true of medical machinery. If someone in your home depends on a breathing or oxygen machine, that machine should have its own circuit.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

You can charge your electric vehicle (EV) on a standard outlet anywhere in your house, but it will take a long time to fully charge the car. Many people choose to use so-called Level 2 charging, which requires a dedicated circuit.


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Level 2 charging stations generally require a double-pole circuit breaker wired to two 120-volt outlets. This dedicated circuit ensures your EVs can get the power they need without overloading your system.

Water Features

Your hot tub, pool pump, and indoor sauna all need dedicated circuits. They also need special wiring and cables that are rated for outdoor safety.

Do You Need More Circuits?

You can never have too many dedicated circuits in your home, but you can have too few. If you want to be sure your home’s electricity is evenly and safely distributed, talk to SESCOS. Our technicians can assess your current electrical setup and help you decide if you need more specialty circuits. Call us to schedule an inspection today.

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