How Does a Back-up Power Generator Work?

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How Does a Standby Generator Work?

Standby generators, also known as whole-house generators, can keep your home’s lights, appliances, and devices running when you lose power.

A standby generator is a pricey item to buy and install, but people who have them say they’re worth every penny. With our current special, now’s the perfect time to get a great generator at a great price.

Do You Need a Generator?

A generator is indispensable if you:

• Live in a region with frequent power outages
• Rely on an aging or inadequate power grid
• Work from home
• Have medical equipment in your home

How safe are you in Virginia?

Virginia’s power infrastructure is strong, but the results can be severe when it does go out.

In 2021, tropical storm Elsa wiped out power to more than 60,000 customers in central and eastern Virginia. In the same year, ice storms knocked out power to more than 54,000 homes. Winter is just around the corner, and installing a generator now means your home won’t lose power.

How Does a Standby Generator Work?

Every generator has an engine. In a whole-house generator, the engine has a transfer switch that is connected to your circuit breaker. Older generators have manual switches, but new ones have automatic switches that sense power loss without manual intervention.

When the transfer switch senses that power is shut off, it turns on and flips the switch on the circuit breaker. This switch directs the circuit breaker to pull energy from the generator instead of the electrical system.

How is the energy from the generator converted? The shaft on the engine has a rotor. As the shaft rotates, it converts the mechanical power into electricity.

How Long Will a Generator Run?

Your generator will continue to run until the power comes back on. Whether it takes a few hours, a few days, or a few weeks, your generator will keep going.

The only concern you’ll have is keeping your fuel tank full. Fortunately, you can keep fuel on hand, or you can hook up your generator to a fuel line.

Do You Have to Be Home?

No, you don’t. If you have a generator with an automatic transfer switch, your generator will turn on as soon as the power goes out. You can be at work, on vacation, or away from home for any reason, and your generator will turn on.

Have you ever come home during a power outage to find a freezer or refrigerator full of spoiling food? Nobody needs to deal with that mess. With a whole house generator, you can leave home knowing that your power is protected.

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