The Solar-Powered Generac PWRcell: How Does It Work?

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Generac PWRcell: How Does It Work?

The new PWRcell from Generac is a breakthrough in generator technology. It uses solar energy to keep your house running during a power outage or blackout. This flexible generator system is designed to help you save money and reduce your carbon emission levels.

What Is a Generac PWRcell System?

This is a whole home backup generator. It stands apart from traditional generators because you can use solar power to charge it. There’s no need to keep it filled with fuel or connected to a fuel line.

The PWRcell collects solar energy during the day, and you can use that energy to power your house during the night. You can also use it if there’s a power failure.

Does It Work as Well as Regular Generators?

Yes, it is just as fast and responsive as a standard generator. It has an automatic transfer switch that detects a power outage and turns the PWRcell on. It turns on instantly to keep your house fully powered.

How Much Power Does It Produce?

The PWRcell comes in various sizes, and each delivers varying levels of output. The amount you get depends on the size of the generator you buy and the number of batteries you install. If you need more power, you can connect several PWRcell batteries to a single inverter.

At its maximum capacity, it provides 18kWH of capacity and 9kW output. That’s enough to keep all your lights, appliances and devices going. If you need more power, the adaptable, modular system can be configured to supply 3kWh of storage capacity and 11kW of backup power.

Recharging the PWRcell

The PWRcell is solar charged, so it constantly recharges itself during daylight hours. That means you can run it indefinitely without worrying about fuels, refills or recharges.

Does It Require Solar Power?

It requires solar power, and it works with your solar panels. You must first be set up to use solar energy.

The PWRcell collects excess energy from your solar panels and stores it. It uses this energy to power your home at night or when your solar panels don’t collect enough energy in the daytime to power your house.

You can do this instead of buying energy from your local company. Using your PWRcell with solar panels will save you money when it’s used this way.

Connecting the PWRcell to a Backup Generator

You can also use the PWRcell with a backup generator. The Generac PWRgenerator is compatible with it. You can’t directly connect it to the generator, however, so you must still use solar energy or the power grid to recharge the PWRcell.

A generator can serve as your backup. If the PWRcell runs out of power or doesn’t have enough to power your house, the backup generator will start. Once the PWRcell is fully recharged, the generator will automatically turn off.

Can You Use It To Power the House Daily?

It is designed to be used that way. Generac recommends following these three steps to get the most from it.

• Day: Run your home on solar power during the day, and use solar to charge the PWRcell battery.
• Night: Use the PWRcell to power your house during the night, and use the backup PWRgenerator to charge the PWRcell.
• During power outages: Run your home on the battery while recharging the PWRcell with solar, and top off the battery when needed.

Solar Panels and Power Outages

Most solar panels automatically disconnect from the grid during a power outage. If you have a PWRcell, however, it will continue to store solar power during an outage, even if it’s disconnected from the grid.

Where Can You Install It?

You can safely install the PWRcell anywhere, even indoors.

Learn More About the Generac PWRcell

If you’re interested in learning more about the PWRcell and what it can do for you, contact SESCOS. Our expert advisers can help you understand the PWRcell’s features and figure out if it’s right for you. We sell, service and install a full line of generators. Find out which one is right for you.

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